"I AM The Flag"

Threads of innocence, virtue and purity, So softly woven in my lines of white;

My crimson lines are deeply detained with fervor and zeal, To fight for what is right;

I sail the high seas atop the mast of mighty ships;

I receive words of respect from a mass of people's lips;

I soar proudly, oer place of work and sport;

I bravely lead every unit when it leaves fort or port;

I am called a symbol, a banner, and sometimes I am called a rag;

The two of first, I justly embrace, but when called the last, my furls, in sorrow sag;

My stripes are vivid, and my stars are salient on a very distinctive blue;

My ripples in the wind, represent, all that is just, right and true;

I rise, in glory, far above injustice, tyranny and ignorance;

Amidst the breeze of freedom, I bravely take my stance;

I drape the coffin of whom go yon, of no return;

My ideals,m My honor and integrity, shall never burn;

Even tho I may be ignited, My virtue, I will never yield;

To despots and scoundrels, Who may stomp me under heel;

I will forever, majestically, wave, with dignity, tis fact, not brag;

I ever live in the hearts of a free and noble people with liberty;

"I Am The Flag"


Composed by William D. Barr
111 Bracewell Ave.
Dothan, Alabama 36301-1202
Copyright retained by Composer