What you have said


I really enjoyed your two pages regarding Old Glory. On my site I have a Military Section and would like to link to your two pages separately. How I plan to do it is to 1) put a link on my page, 2) next there will be a middle page with your Site name and Url, 3) then at the bottom a link to the flag poems. In this way you get the credit you deserve and if they wish they can link to your page afterwards.

Or, if you would rather I will just copy the poems and redo them on my page. I will not do anything at all without your permission.

Do you mind if I put a link to "That Ragged Old Flag" on my page? OHIO DRUNK DRIVING LAW (Will put it right up there with Matt Drudge) - You should send it to Rush H. Limbaugh, III!

Well done ragged old flag web site.

Who is the author of the "Ragged Old Flag" on your website? I really like it.

Someone sent this to me via email and I thought perhaps you might have done this, especially since you are the only "ceharger" on aol and this had to be done by a member.

It was marvelous. I was in awe, and yet so inspired I wept. I don't know if you too meant those words you passed along about that "Ragged old Flag" or for that matter if you wrote them, but in either case I thank you, from the bottom of my flag loving and waving American heart.

Just in case, or perhaps if I am lucky enough you meant every word, and in that case those of us who know that the flag is more than a symbol of our freedom, and those of us who knew men and women who died while their gazing was fixed upon that flag; we have found a compatriot. This was never intended to be a symbol which could be destroyed in an exercise of free speech. It has always been and will always be to more Americans that anyone would ever believe, the very essence of American freedom, long lasting and forever, and ask me to die for it again,  and I'd still say yes, just as I did 35 years ago.

I saw the flag poem that you must have sent to the POW/MIA mailing list.

Do you have any idea who wrote that poem? We'd maybe like to publish it in our magazine sometime, but would like to know if its OK first.

Thanks for any information you may have.


Extremely impressed with this. Only got to view the Rugged Ole Flag, sent to us by a friend. As a navy veteran, I appreciate the adoration expressed by this display. Thank you


Ragged old flag is a terrific site. I love it. Keep up your patriotice efforts

Please check out http://www.angelfire.com/tn/sells/index.html There is a link to the "Ragged Flag" there! Thanks, and add your links!

enjoyed it and this is so true. I served in the USCG for l946-49. Brother Attice served in WWII on USS Alabama from time it was commissioned l942 till the war was over.

I am retired pphotographer, live in minnesota. found this by link the old flag

Thank you foor that Ragged OLD FLAG. I am also retired from Navy. I have 40 ys. with Naval Reserve. also. your flag presentation was very moving, thank you Murl

brought tears to my eyes, having been a "service Brat" my entire life I have a great deal of respect, unlike many of the people of today, our armed forces continue everyday, in all the lands to fight for justice , not only in our country but for our allies as well.

Long may she wave!!!!

hank you so very much for allowing me to experience (again) my deep feelings for our flag and for our wonderful country. I will ALWAYS salute our flag, cry when the national anthem is sung, teach children about how precious our nation's freedom is, and take special care of our Veterans. This was a delightful reaffirmation for me.
Thank you.

Thanks for the beautiful FLAG Story. God Bless You == Frank & Carol  

That's really KOOL

Thanks so much for this. At a time when America seemingly is falling in morals and values it's great to know that others esteem it the utmost highest. It's still the greatest. When we pray we ought to always ask God to Bless America but also, our leaders in high places that they would be convicted of all wrong doing -Repent - set an example and we'd see crime go down. This was very touching and I appreciate it. May God bless you and AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thank you very much for your wonderful URL and have sent it on to many people all over the world. However to day there is a great danger that we may loose that flag and our country because of these fanatics in the Republican Party who are a wee bit to much motivated by that zealot Christian Coalition that which would set us back into the dark ages of religious dictatorship.America must wake up and the burning of our flag should become a major crime. Also the protesting under a foreign flag should become illigal as these Mexicans in California do.The USA has been the greatest inspiration throughout the world but is she being destroyed from within? It seems that way unless Americans take more pride in the Nation and give up the idea that it has always been that way and will never change.

Thank you for putting this on the air. It's the best thing I've seen yet.

This site and the words etc have grabed me by the heart and please keep sending out messages so folks might understand a little easer.

That was an outstanding web site...thank you


Loved your "Ragged Old Flag, Pictures and music. Just wonderful

I love That Ragged Old Flag. Beautiful.

Thank you for sending me this. I had almost forgotten how often we would listen to it when we had out meetings every sinday. I didn;t remember how much this song and god bless the usa ment to alot of us. Thoroughbred

Someone sent me a link to your Old Glory page, and I am impressed!

Currently, I am constructing a web page for my local chapter of the DAR, and I love the waving flag .GIF! Could you send it to me, or perhaps tell me where I could find it?

I would also like to have your permission to link to the Old Glory page when we finalize and publish ours. Please email me with your permission if granted.

Again, thank you. Congratulations on your well-done page!

I have been recieving 15 or 20 e-mails every day from differant friend for about a year. This is the best one yet. I am old vietnam military policeman. I was moved by this e-mail.


This is one of the best sites I have found so far... I friend sent me the site number with " that ragged old flag"
which brought tears to my eyes, I have told everyone I know about this site... Keep up the wonderful heartwarming work.

Hello, I was sent you site url by email from a friend, an old Navy Man bye the way. I sure have enjoyed the "Old Ragged Flag". Also I visited your other site links and was very impressed with the background music. I could listen to that type of music all day/night. It is so relaxing and enjoyable. Where did you get that music? I would like to buy some of it. Keep up the good work and may God Richly Bless you. Mel

I really enjoyed the "Ragged Old Flag" ---Very well done and moving---THANKS

i thought the old rugged flag was beatiful and i will send it to many people.including south africa. we all need to realize alot of stuff and stand up for what our families all fought for. thank you and i really enjoy this.

Thank you so much for reminding us of all that the flag has seen and been through.

Excellent  AND  TRUE

This is a wonderful thing you have done. This was sent to me from a friend in Alabama. My Dad was born in Poland and was raise there during WW1. When he came to America, he truly understood what the flag meant. Thank You

Thanks for the Old Ragged Flag. It's so touching.

thank you ceharger, i am crying

This is great. Just what we need now with all that's going on with our government state and local. I sent this to all my friends. Thanks for your work.

I really enjoyed your Ragged 'Ol Flag page!

I like to thank you for your support in this country. I haft to fold, raise, Salute, takedown, Salute, fold, and be proude of it everyday. I am very proud to serve under it.

Now I have finally gotten mail that I have totally enjoyed. I keep the music on play for a long time. It is a very good reflection in my head of what this county means to me and the it remind me of all the brave and scared men and women that help keep our county as safe as possible. "" Thank You""

Great site. I love the music. I sat here laughing like a fool at "Thoughts"

what a beautiful site you have.i send it to all my friends and especially those who have served our country.Never saw a better site than yours.thank you.

A Friend sent me this today, "That Ragged Old Flag".....I cannot stop reading it and listening to the music. I am 43 years old....and it is awful that I work for a government Hospital, and I see this flag waving all the time, and for the past several years, it had just become the same ole Flag I have seen flying over and over, in several different places, it saddens me to realize that this made me stop and think, of just what that Dear Old Flag truley means....thank you for bringing back such a wonderful feeling, and the feeling I am sooooo PROUD to be an Amercian.
Do not get me wrong, I have never disrespected the flag at all, I had just forgotten its complete Powerful meaning and message. Thank you for the joy and warmth you have put back in me today!!!!

Cheryl, from Nashville, Tennessee....very close place to "Johnny Cash"!!!!

I love the Ragged Old Flag eventhough we do not have our sound card working., Keep up the good works.

I appreciate someone for coming up with some email that really make a Hell of alot of sense. THANK YOU!!!!

really appreciated your web site...it brought tears to our eyes...thank you for reminding us of what our flag stands for....Signed, Two Airforce airmen

There isn't much I can say, that will be adequate to match what I have seen on your site. I thank you, very much, and may God richly bless you.

Thank You, this indeed needs to be said ...... Oh maybe just be passed on to our Congress to remind them why they are were they are........

I am a retired Navy CPO. A good friend of mine sent me to your site. Words cannot express the heart felt emotion that washed over me as I read "The Ragged Old Flag" for the first time. I was filled with a sense of pride and patriotism I have not felt in a long long time. My most sincere thanks to you for touching me so deeply.

Thank you. Your presentation is truly touching and I'm forwarding it to all my friends. God bless you.

Thank you for such an inspirational page!! From a lQQk at the counter more people need to know about its existence! I'll pass the link around~

I really enjoy your site. Have sent it many of my friends. Keep up the good work.

This is one of the best. Thanks for something every AMERICAN should see.


Thank you for taking the time & using your talent to produce such a GREAT webpage. God Bless You!


Without doubt if I can clear my eyes from all these tears...the Flag Waving story was most touching. Johnny Cash has always touched the hearts and souls of the individuals of this country with songs and thoughts of patriotic duties. My brother served in Viet Nam and was in Khe Sang on hill 881. It was the worst of all battles in Hell. Today he is completely disabled after 26 years of never speaking of the war....he became hallucinatory and unable to function. He was in the Agent Orange ....and as many others suffers with multiple painful conditions today from the exposure of carcinogenic chemicals. It was not until the break down of such a strong man that we learn or even acknowledged the horror that he and others suffered in that place. Our Vets are precious to me and I would love to do anything to help them. I am a writer, a nurse, and wear multiple other hats on occasions....but non any more important than "mom". I am now in the final stages of publishing a book for young children concerning the enviorment...and the polllution devastation that we are experiencing . The Day The Trees Held Their Breath is the title of the book and I am hoping for good things with it. I hope first and foremost to teach and educate our young adults and children the issues at hand with the cutting down of trees and the lack of concern for our world in general . Ethics and morals and concern must be instilled in our children to care for ourselves and our society as a whole. It is a privelege and honor to live in this wonderful country. If any man doubt how great this land is let him visit other not free countries. It will be a rude awakening for them and they will kiss the ground the plane lands on when they are allowed to return to our great U.S.A. ....I appreciate your website materials and hey ...i have quarter horses...Just had a new philly....You should see her she is gorgeous....Well, rambled on enough I believe ...Please come by and visit me sometime ...her online or...if you are ever in North Carolina...the best state in the union ..you just look me up ..in Raleigh..i would be proud to associate with others of the same mind.

I have to say this was the most inspiring pome i have read in a long time..My sister sent it to me...and i have spent an hour now exploring your site...all the pomes make me shed a tear for our countrys lost "souls"..those who just dont "get it"... Thank You Johnny Cash for sharing your inter-most feelings of our country and our flag...I have thought of my Dad,who served at Pearl harbor..and my brother in Viet Nam..and another brother served our country...
I beem with Pride for those who fought for us and serve us now... God be with those is today "crises"....
I am sending this pome e-mail on to all those people who have sent me "dirty" E-mail..... I hate dirty e-mail !! this is good e-mail !!!

It matters not who I am. I just went to the Ragged Old Flag. It brought tears to my eyes. I am one of 7 "Boys" in a
family of 10. All my brothers and myself SERVED our coutry from the Sixties thru the Eighties. One brother served in Viet Nam. The rest of us were scattered throughout this world for many years on foreign shores and in different states. No matter where you are, there is nothing to be more prouder of than that "Ragged Old Flag". In the service we were taught that no matter what you were doing or where you were, when Old Glory was going up or down, stop and salute. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see every American civilian or military just stop and do just that. Just pay respect to the greates nation in the world.

Enjoyed the ragged flag. I have it in favorite places to watch and listen again and again.

Thanks for the beautiful FLAG Story. I am still in the navy with 26 years and will do 4 more.Thank again

I was so upset because they put my fiance on alert and I havent seen him that much and I guess I just needed to be reminded what he was fighting for.

We have a webtv, no browser, computer, etc. but can access the internet and email through our television set. A friend sent us your wonderful web page and I cannot commend you enough on it. When I saw "That Ragged Old Flag", I immediately went to an 8x10 picture frame that we have had in our house for a very long time. It is the words to the song "That Ragged Old Flag" as sung by Johnny Cash. Our FLAG means so much to us that m husband & I have this framed and displayed for all who visit our home so it really hit home to see you web age. We also enjoyed all of the pages in your site as I am a member of the Citizens Flag Alliance which is composed of 138 organizations trying to achieve a flag protection amendment. To me, the Flag of our country IS a living symbol, it has always been there for us and we should be there for it.


I just saw your site... It's throat tighteningly great and I will be pointing a lot of people there.

Thanks for a really neat and wonderful page. It sure is nice to see a tribute to our country like this going out in cyberspace. Keep up the good work ;-)

After serving over 21 years in the United States Air Force I am proud to see that someone is still showing patriotism. Patriotism seems to be dieing among the young and old alike. The older people of this country constantly condemn the actions of our governing body and the younger ones listen and learn from their complaints. If all could read these pages and get tears in their eyes, as I did, maybe we would be a more unified people and have the understanding that we will not be able to withstand the opposition of outside forces without the bond of patriotism. As one proud American to the rest of the world..."May our flag wave forever and our purpose never falter...freedom is the best thing and is paid for with bloodshed in battle with those who would put us under.

I was really touched by your home page. I like to think I am very patriotic. I spent 3 years on active duty, one of those in Viet Nam. I am so proud of my flag and am hurt to see the way some people treat Her. I also spent 18 years in the reserves because I love my country, and would do,or go anywhere for the good old USA. I am proud to be an American and when I saw Ragged old Flag it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you again.

Hello there~~~~~
Just thought I'd drop you a line about the flag page. I received the link to it in an email. It gave me "goose bumps" as I read & listened to it. I really liked it, as I am sure many "true Americans" did. And then I saw that Johnny Cash wrote it. What a surprise, Johnny is one of the good ones.! Good job.!!!! I salute Old Glory & you.

Great site. Really enjoyed it. Passed it on to my friends. Pk

May God Bless you ............This is the most beautiful thing I have seen on the web.........Keep it going for our children need to know more...............Love Becky

This is so nice........ I really enjoyed it alot. Took me back to alot of beautiful memories when I was a child. Where back then mom and dad took care of us. Where America was and still is Home.........Thank you so very much.............. Freedom always.

A friend forwarded this to me, and it's one of the best damn things I have seen on the web in a long time. This old Jar-Head got a little teary-eyed reading it. I've sent it to some of my buddies I served with in the Corps, and everyone loved it. Somehow, somewhere, you need to get the recognition you deserve for this.

This is the most beautiful site I have ever seen..Thank you so very much..Please keep adding to and I love the music.

Just wanted to drop you a note, to let you know I enjoyed your webpages very much. Thank you for sharing them with us..

Thank you for getting this out to the public. I cried with pride when I read it. And thank you to Johnny Cash for writing it! You make me proud!

A treasure from an older gentleman who served in the 90th Div. with Col. Sheehy, Jack's father!

as others who have wrote the very same thing i would like to add my thoughts My husband is in the military and this site is one that i will never forget. By far the BEST site one to add to favorites and be proud to add it.
Thank you again its a wonderful site to just come and reread over and over.

The Ragged Old Flag is marvelous, and Johnny Cash has out done himself with this poem. Your whole web site is awesome beyond belief and the most patriotic experience I have had for a very long time. My husband and I both had tears in our eyes when we watched those flags waving and heard our Country's anthem.
Our thought and prayers are with those who have served and died for our Country and our Flag in the past and for those who are once again risking their lives to protect people in another country. Having researched my family recently and found ancestors who had fought to for this Country since the Revolutionary War, and all wars since I have a very strong conviction of the respect due our Military and their families. Thank You, From Lake Nahwatzel.

just visited your site. just great it is so sad that usa has gone down so far you are not of the latest generation but of pre-wwII thak you

This is great stuff - Congratulations.

Hello, I was sent this by my brother and just wanted to tell you I think it is great, It made me cry, we do live in a great country and all should be very proud to be americans Kayd

I'm afraid I can't add anything better than what the others have already said. I sincerely thank you for posting all the poems about our beloved flag. They should be required reading in all the schools in this country. Thank God for America. An ex Navy Seabee, 1961 to 1965.

That Ragged Old Flag was great!!! I'm a long distance runner and carry Old Glory or the Pow/Mia flag when I compete in an event. I carried the Pow/Mia flag at the 100th Boston Marthon. The feeling was unexplainable, thousands of people cheering for the flagman. They were not forgotten that day or ever by this Army vet. ('68-'70) Thanks again......I am running 1 mile for every name on the Wall. Just hit 31000 miles, started in 1984 and should finish in 2014 if all goes well.. Peace

Thank you, you made me feel proud to be an American again. After the loss of my brother in a Marine F18 crash in Korea, 9 FEB 97 I get chills every time I see the flag and hear patriotic music. God Bless.

Received your web page from a fellow veteran. I was in the Air Force 1962 to 1966, he was in the Navy. I am proud to say I enjoyed my four years serving. I was fortunate not to go to Vietnam. I still proudly fly my flag every day. It's ashame that everybody does not do it. Their loss. Just look what's going on in other parts of the world. Thank God we live in the greatest country in the world. Well, thank you again. This page has already been added to my "favorite places"

Neat flag site. Enjoyed the poem..... makes ya think! Leslie


I read " That Ragged Old Flag" and it brought a tear to my eye. I am proud of this country and of my father who faught during Vietnam. Thank you for caring about the USA too.

loved the poem about the flag. i'm former military and my husband is still in. we appreciate stuff like this. sarah

hi, i absolutely enjoyed reading the poem/song. it was very touching, it made me remember our history. i e-mailed it to many other people, who also loved it. i e-mailed it to a teacher friend of mine. she printed it had it laminated and now she has it hanging on a wall in her classroom. thank you mr. johhny cash for writing it. sincerely, helene

This brought a tear to an old soldiers eye. It reminds me of what I gave blood for on foreign soil. Reaffirms my faith in this broken country of ours. Thanks again keep up the good work.

WOW, :::drying eyes::: That is absolutely a beautiful site. I am so glad that someone sent me there. I am VERY patriotic. I just wanted you to know that I love your site and thank you SOOOO much for taking the time to do that. My husband is in the Navy.

Thanks again!!!!!

Hi I just had this sent to me and it absolutely is so perfect with this time of war...I wonder if I could put the URL on my links for my brand new homepage (no one has see it yet) it will be family orientated and I feel this is a perfect link for people to see...if you want to check out my home page first...write back and I will be proud to send it to
you...remember I am a "newbie" on webtv classic..my husband is a WW II vet...son a Viet Nam vet, youngest son no war but 5 years in reserves...we are dedicated to our country,and GOD...and family!

Moving.... Thanks. We have the "Moving Wall" here in our city this week. It is a one-half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. It is being highly honored here by local and visiting dignitaries, military and non-military. I'm amazed at the names, which go on forever and ever and ever. Thank God, I don't have a loved-one whose name appears on that wall, but I have several who almost did.

A friend of mine sent me your link... thanks for the page.... I love the poem by Johnny Cash, I can almost hear his voice as I read it... and it still brings tears to my eyes.....

God Bless you, and our fighting men and women.

Proud Marine Ex-Wife, and now Marine groupie

Thank you and God bless you for this site as a former Marine this had the same effect on me as hearing and singing the National Anthem which always brings tears to my eyes along with a lump in my throat again GOD BLESS YOU. Every time I see our Flag go by I get chills all over my body.


Thank you for making me proud to be a bragging American! It is people like you that keep the flame of Liberty burning bright despite the arrogance of the media who insist that it's not honest or loyal to respect the heritage we have here. Thank you again!
Pastor Larry Smith

It is refreshing to see someone as deeply in love with "Old Glory"  as I am. Keep up the good work and continue to take care of the men who have so graciously sacrificed for our Beloved Country, the greatest country yesterday, today and forever. God Bless America, and may God bless and keep you fine folks!!!   

I started to peruse your home page to see what else is there....boy oh boy am I going to be proud to link to you! It kills us the way people are not waking up....don't be political....JUST SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND BE LOYAL TO GOD AND COUNTRY.....too much freedom being allowed to abuse ...geez I was only a baby in WW II ....but I remember the flags draped over buildings (while I stood in line with Mama for meat, oleo,sugar) flags in windows, no one dissed anyone in those days...whether they agreed or not...they supported the troops...and believed in our
country....and oh when the boys and girls came home....what a joyous reception they got ...we had pride -I wonder what -if anything - the dissers have.....well, like my Mama said......."In the end....all will be judged by what,how and who they were!" I am going to send you 2 sites that I have linked to mine....awesome! They will come from my
addy....bsatw! Thanks again....Marlene

I would like to say this is a good thing. I am printing all of the items so I can read them to my Boy Scout Troop. We have a scoutmasters minuet every meeting ending and I though that these would be very nice items to let them hear because I don't think things like this are benign shown to boys any more.
Thank you

That was beautiful! I'm sure I heard it years ago! I'm 75 yr. old now, and when I was young no one was allowed to treat the flag like they do now.  Thank you, and God bless you, Jean

Thanks for reminding me of our dear flag, and what it stands for, I think sometimes most of us just take her for granted. I have sent your link to my friends in hopes they to will realize what this flag represents, especially during the times we are facing. Thanks for making me realize that it IS AN HONOR TO LIVE IN THE LAND OF THE FREE.

Thank up so very much. This brought me back to my upbringing and the strong feelings of love of country that I was taught. In this day and time it seens so hard to stand up for our beliefs. It made me realize if each one of us don't, what do we have to pass on to our children and where does that leave them? I am the one responsible to pass this on to my children and my grandchildren. Whoever reads this is the one responsible to pass it on. Our loved ones have died so that we might have freedom. God bless those responsible for this website. A Mother

Great email message with the flag.

Very nice. I as a veteran thank you for posting such a great site. Thanks, Rob

I wanted let you know, that was something that needs to be shared with people and it is GREAT


What a wonderful discovery to find there are others that cannot see her wave without recalling the cost to keep her high. A banner God has blessed and one we should guard carefully lest we speak of her in terms past. Keep up the good work, I visit just to renew my love for the land that flag flys over.

Here I sit in Paraguay where democracy is a word that struggles for definition ten years after the dictator of 35 years was overthrown. Here I sit thinking how sad, people have stopped talking in public becuase, here, two weeks ago yesterday the vice-president was shot and killed...And, for days afterward there was pain, horror, strife, public
demonstrations and stirkes as young and old, rich and poor struggled to protect the palace of the government (Palacio del gobernero) and there is still much concern and preoccupation, but no one is talking.... Six people were know to have been killed....maybe more but we shall never know the true count here. People will not talk. There are many who have "disappeared" in the name of freedom and their bodies are believed to be at the bottom of the river and, no one talks....fear is in their pathway.

I drove home this evening thinking how much I have taken for granted growing up and living the US most all of my life. The last five years I have been here. While Johnny Cash is a legend in his own right, so, moreso, is Old Glory. Wherever we are she brings us closer to home. Thank you. Have a nice we

This message should be sent to every US Senator and Representative. I can't believe that there are still elected officials in the United States that believe the FLAG can be treated anyway a person or persons want to treat it. Having spent 23 years in the United States Navy, I am very proud of the FLAG and firmly believe that laws should be passed to protect it.

I hope that I don't bore you with this little story I have but I felt that you might understand why I loved my Grandfather so.

    I just had to tell you that your pages are so wonderful and the most meaningful thing I have seen on this computer yet. I am 38 years old and I know the meaning of your flag because I have had family and close friends fighting in WW1, WW2, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. Some have lost their lives, some have been wounded and some came home just fine.
    I can remember my Grandfather living with us and saluting Police Officers and Fire Fighters. He respected everyone he met. The most fondest memory I have of Walter Mapes (my Grandfather) is that whenever he would hear the Star Spangled Banner, whether it was in the parade, on the radio or the television for a baseball game, he would stand up straight, stiff as a board and not move a muscle until the last tune was played. I never really paid any attention to him doing this until one day I noticed tears rolling down his cheeks. I asked him if he was all right, he didn't answer me. I got kind of scared. Then when the National Anthem had ended, he looked over at me and said, "I am perfectly fine ," as he pulled the handkerchief from his pants pocket to wipe his tears he said, "if you only knew what that anthem stood for young lady, you would understand why I am crying. Just don't ever pass a flag and not give notice, never ignore those lovely words in our National Anthem because each word stands for your Freedom." Now everytime I hear it, I can see the tear my Grandfather shed. Now that I am much older I know why that tear was shed.
    I was 20 years old when my Grandfather passed away. He had a formal army burial, when they did their rifle salute at the cemetery. They may as well have shot me, because just then is when it really sunk in, just what kind of man my Grandfather really was. He loved America and what it stood for in everyway.
Sincerely, Kathy

I cannot begin to express in words how much your web site has meant to me. I only recently got out of the military. While I was proud to serve my country, even if I was just a woman, I was discouraged by the lack of respect paid to our countries flag. Morning and Evening Colors were looked upon with dread, and those that could would hurry inside at the five minute warning. How could they not be proud to stand and show their love and respect for the symbol of their freedom??? I guess that is just it. They are free to do as they wish. I am rambling and I apologize. I just wanted you to know how much this site means to me. Every page has something to say that brings tears to my
eyes...I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! May God continue to bless you in your efforts to make today's Americans aware of the flag they have all but forgotten.Sincerely, Suzie

I truly enjoyed the poem and the music for this piece. Thank you, it made me feel proud again after all the scandal that has been in the headlines lately and knowing it will help our boys over seas. Thank you again! Pearl

I still get a lump in my throat every time I recite the Pledge of Alegance and sing "Oh Say Can You See", for I too am an American Veteran who put it all on the line for the Red White and Blue! GOD BLESS AMERICA , and GODBless You! Emmett

I'm kinda partial to that old flag too. I have been proud of her for all my 67 years. I was raised in these Oklahoma hills as was both my parents and as a member of the FF/TT acronym for First Families of the Twin Territories of Oklahoma. I served for over 21 years on active duty in the US Army, serving in Korean and Vietnam during wartime. Two tours in Germany. So, I have stood in her shadow on many occasions and have never failed to feel a proud surg of pride in my chest when I hear our National Anthem, standing ramrod straight with locked heels and a smart salute to pay my respects. She is being challenged again just a few months shy of the millennium, however; I'm not too worried but, that she will handle the shame brought upon it by the politicians who ridicule our president. The nay-sayers should be tarred and feathered and put into the ranks of our enemies for their failure to stand behind it and our leaders. It's a very sad thing to be so brazen with their disloyalty. How can they hold up their heads while taking their paychecks and hiding from their responsibilities. I am talking about our Politicians that are running for office of the President while slamming that office. It's a very, very sad thing.

I love your web sight. I am an entertainer and do a lot of Johnny Cash songs. Whenever I do Ragged Old Flag, you could hear a pin drop in the audience and at the end, they almost always stand and cheer and applaud. It is a wonderful feeling even though I know they aren't applauding me, but thw song and what it stands for. I am also a ten year veteran of USAF with another 6 yrs in the AF Reseve. One of 8 brothers who have proudly served in every war since WWII. Regarding a new patriotic page,, my suggestion is a page especially for the women who have proudly served our great country and  get little or no recognition for it. Thank God we finally have a memorial to them in D,C, But we need to do more for them. Especially the nurses I call ANGELS . Thanks again for your web site and keep up the good work. god bless Johnny Cash.


We are very pleased and honor to present you with our "SPECIAL" Eagles Club Award for your outstanding site. Your site qualified for our award under these catalogues:
1. Family Safe Site
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4. easy to read and follow
5. I LIKED IT (and that's hard to do)
Please, accept our award and if you wish to visit our site the address is:
Once again: CONGRATULATIONS and have a perfect wonderful day.

just want to thank you for this sight, i am proud to be here and i love our flag and what it stands for, Keep up the good work and thank you again

There is another site which has a list of servicemen and their addresses. My son has received a few letters from concerned citizens. This has been uplifting for him. He is in Macedonia currently. Perhaps you could incorporate some such. Another site with different exposure (such as yours) can only help. I enjoyed your flag poems and music. Altho not necessarily pro military, I have always been quite patriotic. If you can see that one. I never encouraged my son to enter the military, but I wholeheartedly support he and those who have chosen this way of life. God speed to us all. Thanks Mary

My name is Amanda. I read your poem about the American Flag. It was beautiful. I'm doing a research project for my English 2 class. I was wondering if you would answer these few questions for me. Were you ever in the service? A war? Does the flag mean more to you now than it did when you were younger? I thank you very much for you time. God bless, Amanda

Very good time to remember what this flag does mean to all of us..I am proud my husband was in Saudia and we flew her high and still do..Thanks again....

I teach a group of Devolpementally Disabled Adults a history couse in American History (they can vote so they need to know something about the country they live in.).I would like to use the material from the following pages (we do not have internet access)I will tape it and use it as a wrap up for this years course,"See Old Glory
wave," "That Ragged Old Flag" and "'Hello' Remember me"Thank you for your consideration and prompt response...Eleanor

Found that old ragged flag, and it is great. We need more like this on the internet. Our son is serving this country right now. Has gone through the Persian Gulf and now Kosovo. He is a major in the USAF. We all need to be proud of our young men and women, for without them we would surely not have the freedom we enjoy now.

These sites are outstanding and great, thank you.


Thanks to you who remember not only the flag, but the men and women who have fought to preserve her. Also, thanks for reminding Americans of both.

I am very touched by the poem witten by Johnny Cash !!!

I am touched so deeply by all the reading . We have a restaurant and proudly fly our U.S Flag every day ! I must admit when I hang it up the words go running in my of all the wonderful Reading I just read. Thanks so much !! Judy from PA.

Outstanding! Thank you, I 'm very impressed!

Was real touching, I am a veteran of the Viet Nam War, That old flag has a special meaning to me.

I just want to say that "That Ragged Old Flag" touched my heart in a way it ain't never been touched before. The words of that poem or song, whichever it is, brought tears to my eyes when i thought of all the men and women who have fought and died to keep democracy in this country and to keep this country free.

Yes thankyou for making me and many other Americans stop and give thanks to our country and all the soldiers through out our coutry who gave their lives for all of us. I fly my flag daily and bring it in every night . i thank God to be an American .You see I was born in Canada but thanks to my parents chose to come here many many years ago, I am 77 years old .Isobel


I have really enjoyed reading the stories on your page. A couple of them I had read before and loved them then. I wish more people really cared about the flag anymore. I have been in several parades in the past few years connected with my job and like the one story I can sympathise with how the flag feels. Not many people care about our flag and give it the respect that it deserves. Nothing makes a knott swell in my throat as when you pass some disabled veterans and they stand to salute the flag no matter how hard it is for them to get up. I wish the schools did their jobs and taught more about the flag and get it into the hearts of todays children what it means and how they should love it. But that is even harder to do when there are so many parents that don't feel that way. We should all be proud of "That Ragged Old Flag" and what it stands for and love it as we should. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

thank you so much for you web site, it was sent tome by a friend and i have sent on to over 100 people, this has to be the best one on the Internet, again i thank you and god bless --Robert

This is a very special poem, and the back ground is beautiful. My husband was in Viet Nam 2 times, and my brother was their 2 times. Thanks for putting this together. Loretta

More people should honor the flag. guys don't take there hats off either. Loved the ragged old flag

Of all the things I have found on the pc, I like this best of all. Johnny did a grand old job on this. I think the waving flags add to this presentation. Come up with more like this. Dixie

My sister sent me your web site.I thought it was great it is the best site i have ever gone in too.I have sent it to a lot of my friends who will really appericate it.Keep up the good work and god bless. Darleen.

That brings tears too your eyes and yes we are proud of her and we are like married to her till death do us apart

Warmest Greeting, I pray that this email will find you in the best of health and of good spirits. I just had to say thanks for "That Ragged Old Flag." It could not have been worded better. My father-in-law and my husband was in the Navy. I have twin sons in the Navy right now. One of them is at sea. This motivate me to stay positive and swells my heart with pride. If you care to send a supportive email to my son (Raymond) at sea, his email address is in the copy to section of this email. Wishing You Well, Christena

Dear submitter of the "The Ragged Old Flag",

        I realized that you might not be named Johnny Cash (nor the Johnny Cash, the singer), but I did want to respond to the message. I sent this before but have changed a few words. Hope you like it, because you see, I am proud to be an American. The flag is a symbol of freedom and has worked hard. Many people have died to help others to be free.

I am mighty proud of her to, for you see my husband and I have follow her too. We are proud to be Americans,
borne and bred in the USA. We have lived through some events, that might last centuries, too. In during Nam,
and out during a volcano. And all we could think about  was serving the red, white, and blue. Zandra` Michel

I am a service member and i served over in Korea not to long ago. The one bar i went to over there every chance i got is called "The Silver Star". they have a group of men and women in the service who do what they can for the people there and the orphange near by. They are called the "Silver Stay Outlaws". of which i am a proud member. you do this nation and our service members proud with this page. i was wondering if you would consider addig to more song pages to your site, one is called Family by Dolly Parton the other is done by John Denver, i believe it is called "America". could you add these to your page, for along with"That Ragged Old Flag" these were played in memory of those who served.

There is a lot of work in your site. You did a good job. As a US Vet I thank you.

My sister who lives in N. Ft. Myers forwarded "That Ragged Old Flag" today. As a veteran and on my first day as a VA Clinic volunteer it was not only timely and touching but also very, very appropriate. The dozens of ailing veterans I saw today made me appreciate the guys and gals that were in the front lines and came back scarred, in one form or another, for life. The paid staff treated each a every one with dignity and respect, in a first class environment. However, the waiting persisted when we were in the military and still does but eventually every one's
need are taken care of. Thanks for this wonderful site. God Bless -- R. Pouliot

listen to whom this may concern I enjoyed this website so much I would give anything to have it in my computer so that I could send it out to all the people I know and that is a lot of people. I loved the state flags and the acts of congress and everything it is wonderful. I can't forward it any more the date has run out or something and I can't forward it to anyone else please e-mail it to me thanks raggamom@aol.com.Thank you very much.

this was the most beautiful e-mail we have received, really me us proud.

I really love poetry and history. When the two are put together they make a fine pair. If you have any other poetry handy, please e-mail them to me. My name is Penny I would appreciate and enjoy anything you can send.

please forward all patriotic messages to my email for I really enjoy -- the music is great and I share this with all my email friends. NGD

I really liked that poem about the flag, it made me happy, and forget about all the bad times.

God Bless you and all your people (US Citizens).

Beautiful!! I love the flag.

Hi I just wanted to say that i think you are doing a great job in helping all the families of the persons who have been injured or killed in the name of their country .

Beautiful!!!! God Bless America and our grand Old Flag!!!

I love the ragged old flag page and I sent it to all my friends. thank you for such a great page. Praise God... His truth is marching on!   glory glory hallelujah!

'Hope ya don't mind if I present "That Grand Ol' Flag" at our ship's reunion this year for the dwindling crew of the USS CUSTER (APA40). WWII There's but a few of us left now, but we still gather each year. A proud bunch.
I'll have tears in my eyes as I do it, it's a tough call, but I feel it's gotta be done.Many thanks from the crew.

I love your entire website. I am a Maryland Army National Guardsman with the 129th Signal Bn. 29th Infantry Div. "29 LET'S GO" Is our motto. I love this country I may be a mutt but every one of my nationalities love this country. POLISH, SCOTTISH , IRISH, DUTCH AND ENGLISH.

I just loved that "Ragged Old Flag"  I wanted to stand up! Thank you for sharing that.

your webpage is the first like it I have seen. It reminds me and hopefully others what it means to be an american.I wish more people would appreciate what the term american stands for. God bless your site and please continue your wonderful work.

I am so inspired by all the "Patriotic" messages and music that you have given. I have a nephew with NATO over in Belgium and this makes us appreciate all that he is facing over there for our "Wonderful Country". Thanyou so much.

This web page is probably the greatest one on the whole Internet, thankyou so much for it and giving me the opportunity to read an enjoy it. Sincerely, dbnuthouse

A very good friend send me "The Ragged Old Flag" and just as I was finished reading it tears came to my eyes. I am a Vietnam era veteren ( and proud of it ) who lost 2 friends in Vietnam and have 2 cousins who have not recovered yet.

God Bless America. Proud to be an American and Proud to speak the English language. I was born, raised and will Proudly die as an American.

For me, this poem by the very talented Johnny Cash never had more meaning. During the past year, and particularly the past two weeks, our nation and its citizens have experienced tragedy, deep sorrow and shame. But the pulling together of the people of Littleton, Colorado; the successful efforts of Rev. Jesse Jackson in securing the release of our three POW's; and the outpouring of sympathy and support by the rest of our nation's
people tell me that "Old Glory" will continue to fly proudly. Let us never forget that the USA with all her faults and flaws is still the greatest nation on earth. Let us also remember to share our good fortune and bounty with the people of less fortunate countries. If we keep our eyes on "That Ragged Old Flag" and what it represents, how can we lose.

I received your site from a friend and I read it and I have to say that is was a very good one....I wil send it to everyone I know so they can to see what the American flag really stands for and maybe they will to once again salute the flag and treat the flag with respect....If you don't mind I would really like to beable to link "That Ragged Old Flag" to my website...

I really enjoy your Web Site and as a Veteran I have passed your address on to many friends and associates of mine.

I'm a Camp Fire leader & you've given me great reminders to use in our programs. My father served 43 years in the military, and I grew up on "God & Country". I've tried to teach my daughters as he taught me. But, now that they are nearly grown, I've tended to be lax with other kids that I work with every weekend. NOT ANY MORE!
By the way, if you ever come across an old LP by John Wayne titled "America, why I love her", take a listen.

It's te best email have ever received. It brought tears to my eyes as well as my husbands. I play it often all the way through. Thanks!

Hi! I have just spent the past hour going down memory lane. The pages on the flag and history have been invaluable to explain to my 3 children, who are dual citizens, about their "other" country of birth. Keep up the good
work!....Julie in Australia


It is very pleasant indeed to see a web site dedicated to the American Flag. Yes, she has seen much; and maybe our respect is not what it should be now days. Your dedication will help renew some of our old, true, good feelings again. I thank you for your foresight, and ability to see that our flag flies over a Great Country. I suspect you were in the military- I come from a family of military people- some of the finest, bravest, people you'd want to know. Oh, they are the ordinary people that make up our country, not ones of obvious fame. But they love, and have loved their country, fought for her; and gave her their all! They lie in a Veteran's Cemetery here in California. They had tales of woe, but also of many happy times serving their country, for which they proudly committed themselves. Thank goodness the Flag of our Nation still flies daily over these people- some of the very best!
It was also a wonderful tribute made by Johnny Cash to our Flag. He did it so wonderfully, did he not? He, himself, a proud, good man; who gave us many happy hours of good music, and entertainment. God Bless Him, and God Bless Us All-  Sincerely, Judy M.

that ragged old flag was beautiful... I am 42 and I was taught with pride in my school in Alabama not to dare let Old Glory touch the ground, to do this would mean that we had violated her and she would have to be burned. Never would that have been put on display, for to have had to burned her we would have held our heads in shame.I still
have the same respect for her now as I did then. I will not allow our own flag at home to touch the ground. My husband served in the army and feels the same. She is sacred to our hearts, many have lost their life
for the freedom she represents. we fly her proudly.

What a wonderful story.. As an X-army bugler I have played taps many times. I have played it at military funerals as well. The story was very meaningful to me. Pappypon@aol.com (B.W.Ponder)

I am enjoying these songs ,please keep up the good work. I especially enjoyed the information about Taps I had never heard the story before, keep up the goodwork! "Tuned up,Fiddling Bob"

thanks for that nice story of our flag its every ones an its everyones right of freedom which it has stood for ..

I just received an e-mail with this on it and I just wanted to let you know this made me cry. I had an Aunt the just recently passed away from cancer and made me see how lucky we all are to be Americans and what the
flag means to us. She lived a simple life but every day of her 92 years, she saluted the flag outside her window and sang. Thank you for your great poem, I only wish I could have shared it with her.

About seventy years ago, my uncle, Clarence, Wolking, a veteran of WWI, told me that TAPS was just one of the bugle calls he had learned in the army. Others included Reveile, Mess call, Charge, Retreat, etc.. He said that TAPS meant Lights Out. AS to the words for the music, they agree with the best memory I have of hearing them many years ago. I was born in 1915 and can remember the big commotion made on the FIRST armistice day: November 11, 1918.

My name is Harry Dunn -an old retired Air Force Pilot
Your work is OUTSTANDING! Have sent some of your work to several dozen of LIKE mind!
Your efforts and obvious dedication are really beautiful and I pass on to you the thanks of my friends -- one who said he could'nt help but cry as he read and listened to the Ragged Flag! -- me too! God speed to you, your lovely wife!

That Ragged Old Flag touched me deeply. With a father that served in both World War I and World War II and a husband who served in Korea "Old Glory" means much to me. I was raised with the greatest respect for the flag--how to salute it, how to care for it and how to respect it. My wish is to bring back the patriotism that Americans once publicly demonstrated and the respect we should demonstrate for the veterans of all conflicts whether great or small, and to teach our children the value of freedom and to recognize the cost so many have paid to enable this generation to have all the benefits that they fought for. Thank you for providing this touching remembrance. W.

The history for this was most enlightening. In addition, it was absolutely beautiful. The music was heart rending. Even with its significance, I could listen to it endlessly. Thank you for this.

Very interesting and informative - thanks for your time in putting this together.

. . . you are a true inspiration to the American people. Your ideals have truly touched my heart and my soul. I will continue to check your site for new information if any is to be added. Once again, Thank You for the gift.

very nice and patriotic my compliments to you who ever thought of it. wish there were more like it on the net.

As luck would have it I was put in touch with your site last week by a friend of a friend. We (American Legion Post 164 Pembroke, GA.) are doing a Memorial Day Ceremony at which we will perform "Echo Taps" I had heard the story behind many years ago, but had forgot about it. You can be assured it will be retold May 30th 1999 in Pembroke.     Thanks and God Bless

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for such a wonderfully patriotic site. It seems any more that there are so very few of us left that really love, and believe in our country and its flag. If it is not, it should be a sin.

Thank you for reminding me that there is still patriotism, and why this nation is still worth fighting for.

It was a beautiful piece of work.you should be proud. A friend forwarded it to me and I forwarded it to other friends. Got an e-mail from one friend today thanking me for sending it and saying how beautiful it was. It is in our favorite places.


I like the E-Mail I received on the American Flag. She still flyes hi today, despite what goes on in pollitics. She will always stand for freedom to those who call upon her. Let freedom ring and soar high in the sky.

God Bless that ragged old flag, I know what it means, and the new technology runs her down. We can not ever let the new TECHNOPOLY ruin the things that are dear to us as a nation or a people. God bles america!

As I read you page I felt the pride of being an American rise inside me like a cup filling up with water until it ran over.  God bless that ragged old flag and long may she wave!!!!!! Proud to be an American, Margaret

I'm a 64 year old Air Force Korean War Vet. I cried. You have one of the best sites on the Internet. You are my kind of AMERICAN. Thank you so very much.

Hello, my friend. I don' t know your name, but that is not important. I went to your website today. You know, with That Ragged Old Flag? It brought tears to my eyes. I am no one special. I am just a second lieutenant in the US Army National Guard. My grandfathers -- both of them -- fought in World War II. I am an American.
My father fought in Vietnam. We are Americans.

I defend what I know to be right in this nation. I may not be on the battle's front, but I support our soldiers who are. There is a war right here on our own territory. It is a war to preserve our youth. Why, without them, I don't know where we will be. Where is our country when our children are carrying guns to school? You are an American. I am an American. Whoever reads this is an American. We are all soldiers, and our country is counting on us to help it. It is crying out. Why can we not devote an hour of our time a day to help a child...whether it be reading to them or listening. Whether we have children or not, we can help children. If you can not find where to rally,
go to a library. Or to the Boys' and Girls' Club of America. Fight our war. Thank you, my friend...my brother or sister...thank you. Please write back. Your fellow American and Soldier, Laura Lee

These pages are just wonderful. They are inspirational and just touched my heart I don't know what else to say but keep up the good work if you have anymore please send your pages to me. Thanks again.and God Bless.

All, very touching and PATRIOTIC !!!! THANKS !

I thought all the military songs were beautiful and I wish more Americans would just listen to all the songs. Very nice.

Hello, I don't know if the story you gave is completely correct, or just a BEAUTIFUL story but, it sent a chill thru my body when I read it! This site is SO IMPRESSIVE!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! It makes me prou bp be an American (my family has been here since the early 1600's. Many died for the freedoms we now enjoy). Sincerely,

Hi! Was told about your site and it is lovely! Very glad to see a patriot site! Sincerely, Ruth E. Parker

Thanks for setting up such a nice site. I was sent the "Ragged Old Flag", for Memorial Day, by a friend . I passed it on to my family and friends. Everybody really liked it. I scrolled thru your site and it is great. Keep up the good work. Thank-you, BB

I wish to sincerely thank you for the tributes that i found in honor of our great flag. as a totally disabled vietnam veteran (3 tours), it brought tears to my and my wife's eyes as we watched this on our screen. If only more of our so called americans would respect the flag as we veterans do, this would be a great tribute. I live in a condo project of 120 units, and am the only person in all the establishment that gets up early mornings before sunrise to place my 3X5 flag on the mast on our balcony. neighbors walk by and don't even look at it. sometimes i feel that i live in a totally unconcerned neighborhood. even with the wall south, here in pensacola, florida, there is very few people who respect the flag as we vietnam veterans do. again thank you sincerely for this web site. JOSEPH AND DEE

To those of You who have put this beautiful piece of work, I Say THANK YOU, its too bad this isn't shown to all school children, then perhaps we would not have some of the turmoil we have today. God Bless your staff. Salty

This is the most wonderful and touching site I as an American have ever found. I sit here now with tears running down my cheeks even just reading the messages. I always ask God to bless my loved ones but I don't think to ask for our country. I won't forget to again. It is a wonderful country and a wonderful " Old Flag". They have both been through alot and are still here and for this I thank God. May God be with you all on this Memorial Day. Love, Tommie

HI that ragged flag is real nice it really touched my heart people all think I am just a 13 year old snob but that really made me feel what everyone went through it was real good. thankz

Enjoyed your site. Your URL was sent to me by Don Merrill for Memorial Day. I enjoyed it and yes you are waving my state Flag, Georgia.. I am fromGeorgia.. I have not shown this site to my husband but know that he will read EVERY word. He is a Vietnam vet.. Your site was very touching.. and I liked it very much. It is a shame what
is going on in the US today... but one thing always rings true... the red,white,and blue... the FLAG...
May God Bless you..

Hello Farrol and Juanita: The Ragged Ole Flag email has made me stop from my frantic day here at the shop and remember several in my family who were called to defend that flag as it stands for our wonderful country. My uncle Wallace, Al's brother, was in the US Navy and died at a very young age from complications from his combat service. Then I recall with affection my Uncle Ben who was a career naval man. He lived a full life but to this day I remember seeing pictures of him dressed out in his whites, young, dashing, brave. And of course, there was Col.
Alvin Willard Banner, USAF ret. one of the finest men I've ever known. Then my beloved Father, Lt. Col. Roberto Jacinto Figueroa Disdier USAF Ret. command pilot, combat veteran of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, and the long Cold War.The bravest, most handsome man I've ever known. He was so good looking that Hollywood would have had its biggest matinet idol of all times had he been so inclined. He wasn't. Dad was the pilot who flew the decoy plane into Tokyo just ahead of Gen MacArthur right after we dropped the atomic bombs. He was the first American military advisory to The French military in Viet Nam in the early 50's. Subsequently, he served 3 tours in Korea and 3 in Viet Nam. It was on his watch that the Pueblo was captured. He saw it all on his radar scope and was the officer who notified the Pentagon that the ship was being approached and about to be boarded. He said it was in international waters. And I also remember my friends and classmates who made the supreme sacrifice so that the rest of us would not have to live under the yoke of murderous psychotic dictators. I remember and quietly give thanks to God for such as these. I'm especially remembering Dad and Al on this day since God recently took home two of the best damn pilots there ever was. They're up there now pouring the coal to the throttles and soaring around heaven. Goodspeed Ace. Love to them all, Sherry

Thanks for the great site. Tears came to my eyes when I saw the Ragged Old Flag. Thanks so much. My son was in the USMarines, my husband in the USArmy, both were overseas. A nephew was in Puerto Rico in the USMarines, too. Sincerely,

What a wonderful tribute to our nation. I am a very emotional person when it comes to our flag and country. Even more meaning is put to my feelings knowing that my husband's ancestor signed the Declaration of Independence and is the last "Signer" on the list: George Walton of Georgia.

What a wonderful website. We (my husband, myself, & 9 yr. old daughter) have spent this Sat. night, before Memorial Day looking at the state flags, talking about each that we know about; the TAPS story; and The Ragged Old Flag. This has been such a moving experience for us all. Now Hannah knows more of why we celebrate Memorial Day. Both of her grandfathers, whom she never knew, were WWII veterans.

The internet can be used for positive gain! Keep it up. Thank you.

Just a quick note from a proud military spouse. Tomarrow is Memorial. In the Land of The Rising sun we will celebrate one day early but not any less proud. Bless all our soliders past and present and their families.

I do not know if this story is factual, if it is it is the most heart wrenching story I have ever read. It would be hard enough to bury a young enemy soldier, but your own son is unbelievable. I know war is hell, must be worse than I thought. Thanks anyway!!

I am a History and Social Studies Teacher in New Jersey and became so emotional when I read this, that I had to make copies to give to my class. Thank you! It is beautiful! Shawn

What a beautiful poem and how true, we should be proud of our flag and the men and women who have defended it.

I have just received your Link That Rugged Old Flag. I read while the music played on, with tear filled eyes, a lump in my troat, and a chill up and down my body in spite of the fact that it is about 90 degrees outside. Your link was inclosed in my daily e-mail called GIGGLES on May 30, 1999. I want to thank you for allowing me the privilage of seeing and hearing your web page. I was and am moved dearly. I am also an avid country music fan, and have seen Johnny Cash in person, but I do not recall having ever heard this song or poem. Leave it to Johnny Cash to come up with something so patriotic as this. I think every American should read or hear this. I can't, for the life of me, imagine anyone not being moved to tears with it. I left your web page up so I could hear the mucic as I write you this letter, and am not ashamed to admit that if it were a paper letter it would be tear streaked. You have moved me in so many ways. You see it was Memorial Day in 1986 that my brothers, sisters and I lost our Mother. So this day has another special meaning. Even though it was a different day, May 26th, it was on the day set aside in observation of Memorial Day. So as we remember all those who fought our battles we also remember Mom, who also fought our battles.MAY GOD BLESS YOU--Joanne

This was one of the most inspiring things I have ever read on the INTERNET. Please keep up the Excellent Work you have done . I never knew what the "taps" wording was and I am a wounded "Korean Vet" all recovered and living a normal life with a wonderful family. I will see that each of them gets this by e-Mail. Mike

Thanks to whoever you are for reminding us of our rich heritage, what we should be proud of all and most of all to have respect that the people and things that deserve our respect. It's too bad our young'uns think some of these blessings are hoakie and there are quite a few of our oldies that have lost their sense of what is worth our respect and appreciation. Thanks again, Louise, TX

Hi, Like you, my husband and I love our flag and still get chills in the spine when we see Old Glory go by. He is a WWII veteran, a tail gunner in the lead plane of first B-25 group to fly over Japan after Jimmy Doolittle, of which we are very proud, I have made a collection of WWII local veterans from newspapers of the time, and have a data
base of over 3700 veterans starting with the Civil War to now, from our surrounding area, about a 20 mile diameter, which is updated every 6 months in our library and Town School alumni hall. So we greatly appreciate your item. A genealogy friend sent me your address, which I just visited, today. Thank you, Mary Widener

I am a Soldier in the United States Army, and would like to express my gratitude for your efforts to support this countries moral and support to the military.. though i have not yet seen the battle field i am proud of each and every one of my friends and family members who have served from world war II all the way up to desert storm and those over in Bosnia and Kosovo as I type. Not only because i am a soldier but because i consider myself a true American in every aspect of the word am I willing to guard that flag and everything that it stands for. Every day i hear people say how messed up this country is and true enough it is not a flauless country but it is our country and our blood, sweat and tears were shed so that we can have what we do have. My comerads and I are all ready and willing to fight again for the rights and freedoms that all of our forfathers faught for centeries ago. I also hear alot of harshness toward our soldiers. They say that we are trained to kill and that is our only perpose, to show forceand to let other countries know that we are it and we can't be touched. This is strict myth. I am trained to deffend what is mine (my country, my rights and my freedoms) and the rights and freedoms of my parents and family. For future generations. And when those people, who always have something to say about the way things are, can say that they have and will fight for theres they can come talk to me. until then they can remember that words don't keep the freedom alive. Thank you for your time

Just wanted to say thank you for the story of the flag. It makes you think what we have been thur as a nation, sometimes we forget.

I love you for all this. it is all so beautiful and i hope many many people see it. I shall email my family in chicago and in texas....lots of military in our little group from the Revolution to Desert Storm and Somalia

I have heard Taps all my life-- Army brat and Army widow-- and I now know the story. Thank you.

As a vet, I salute you and your great site.

Thanks for the story. I never knew how Taps came to be.

Thanks for this bit of information. Taps was and is one of the saddest sounds ever heard. Never knew words existed.

A dear friend referred me to this site, so fitting, so appropriate on this Memorial Weekend. Johnny Cash helped get many of us thru the Vietnam War..we'd sit around at night, not doing justice to his music, but passing time singing his songs and forgetting the war for a few minutes. Thanks for a wonderful work of art. No Veteran can possibly view this site with dry eyes. Our buddies didn't come home with us. Thank you for this tribute to them. Ron Wooldridge


Not much to say as tears fill my eyes. I have heard this song way too many times....as I have lost several friends during the line of duty. I too am an AMERICAN fighting man. A LT LDO in the U.S. Navy with 23 years so service. Thanks again...I will pass this sight to others. God Bless you.

Just wanted to thank the patriot who posted this reminder of what this "Holiday" is all about. I am Native American, and love this beautiful land. Even with all her blemishes, and illnesses, she remains a site to behold. It is so easy to forget those who died, keeping this country free of tyranny. Why are the faces at local parades, most nunerously, those of newer immigrants? Is it because those of us born here take our freedom for granted? To lose one's homeland, one's identity, is a rape of the spirit that I pray never befalls Americans. My people say "We are all related", This is true of the whole earth, and when I hear about the wars fought over a strip of land, it tears at my heart. There must be peace.......Now.......all over the earth........before she is no more.

Thank you for the story of taps. I would have more to say, but it is hard to type with tears from my eyes. thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing the story behind 'Taps'...I'll share it with those at Church...on our prayer list!! Never knew 'Taps' had words to it! My son, a trumpeter, played 'Taps' on many a Memorial Day while in high school...it has always touched my heart. It has a haunting sound and brings one to the remembrance of those who have passed on in the line of duty and to the recognition of the One Who created! Appreciatively...Helen C.

Thank you so much for the story behind TAPS. I did not know the words or story behind them. I was in the Navy during World War 2...

Thanks from Mobile ,Ala I am 76 year old and lived thru World War 2 so my tears are flowing.Bless you!!!!

    Whoever did these American Flag series did a helluva job.   I was in the Vietnam war, should have been killed, but came home in one peace and it bring back bad memories, however it sets the way for good memories also, especially to the people who care.

Thank You, You did a great job as usual. Please keep up the great work and I will keep passing these along to my friends and shipmates.

I very much enjoyed the story behine "Taps"--How appropriate on this Memorial Day. Taps was played at my brother-in-law's funeral, he died in Vietnam. Also played at my Father's funeral--he served in World War II. Thankyou---Gail

Thank you so much for that...I am 38 yrs old and did not realize there were words to the music...everyone should know this...

I have never fought a war and was never allowed in any branch of the service due to weight.(discrimination), but this country means alot to me. A friend sent the page to me and brought tears to my eyes. It is difficult for me to leave this site. The music is very special and brings tears to my eyes just remembering all that fought so I could have this freedom. My Father, Uncle, and Grandfather were among them. I proudly display the flag and the state flag. My son will so be presented his Eagle Scout award and I feel this will be an impressive opening instead of the one we had selected. THANKS, Keep the Country alive and RESPECT hte flag at all costs.

I was moved by your contribution to this day, and passed it on to those in my writing group. I've received thank you's from them, especially to the true meaning of this day. I thought you'd like to know my response.RoseMarie

This is probably the most moving piece about Memorial Day that I have ever seen. I have never had a loved one fight in a war, but this really reaches out and touches your heart for those that have since the beginning of wars. THANKS TO ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT THE BATTLES AND WON AND TO THEIR FAMILIES, WHO SHOULD BE VERY PROUD! I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN!

I recited this poem at the funeral service for my father in February of this year. He was a WWll veteran in the Pacific. For my father, nothing quite matched the sharp and bewildering experiences of his life at war. He enjoyed saying the names of people he had known and places he had been. It seemed to enlarge him to share these memories with me his son. When I too returned from war, he gazed upon me as a comrad not just a son. He asked me to say the names of people I had known and places I had been as he had done before me. So, I said the words. Ho Bo and Boi Loi Woods. The Horseshoe and the Vam Co Dong River. Trang Bang. Cu Chi. Nha Trang. I spoke the names of some men I had known. Al Janiszewski. Lt. Tomaschek. Mel Bernard. Nguyen Tran Hung. Certain words and phrases interested him and he asked me to repeat them over and over again. Words like Recondo and of course, LRRP. I knew that as I spoke these few words , he would drift a little and again quietly recall the names and faces from his own war. We were both enlarged by the experience. And so we would pass the days. When he died, I buried him like a veteran, and spoke the words he had taught me many years ago, the words he wanted me to say. And I finished with the great poem itself. Taps.

that ragged old flag was absoultely beautiful, I printed it to go to physical theropy with me today & forwarded it to everyone i know. thank you for such a reminder of where we as a nation have been marguerite lawlor again.

I am overwhelmed after receiving the "Rugged Old Flag" from a friend. Thank you for having a website such as this. I lose it when I see the lack of respect for Old Glory. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!

Thank you for the poem. I had read it before (or heard it!) but that does not take away any of its glory or memories. It is still a Grand Old Flag!

Hi, Just wanted you to know that I thought your site was the most inspirational site I have ever been on. Tears flowed freely and my heart was extreemly touched. I am one of those who believe with all my heart that this land of America didn't just happen. There is no doubt it was the hand of the Lord that directed Columbus and later, the God loving pilgrims here. No doubt it will stay chosen and free as long as we remember God and keep his commandments. Thank you for creating this site, it will be one of my favorites. God Bless America, Karen from Utah

Thank you for such wonderful stories regarding the flag and Memorial Day. I have read each and every one and cried with each and every one. I am forwarding the web address to everyone in my address book to let them know there are some good people out there.

I enjoyed your site immensely. I was wondering if you have sent this to everyone of our senators and congressmen. I certainly believe it should be sent to the White House to the President. He needs to be reminded what we stand for here in this great nation. Again, thank you for making this web page. Sincerely, Madonna Potter

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tale of our flag, taps and all of the other great things. Thank you again. dottie west

The patriotism displayed by your web site has made me speechless. It is so rare these days. Hello Remember Me? reminded me of taking my grandson to a parade last summer when I had him stand for the flag, and we were the only ones who did, at first. We stood for every flag that day and now Blake, and many other people who heard me teach him how to respect the flag, know exactly what to do. Even some cowboy hats got removed, for once. I had not seen that poem since childhood and I do remember when these poems and the pledge were taught in school. It is too bad it isn't done anymore. Here we have a teacher who has a morning parade with the Spurs basketball pennant when she really should be teaching about the flag. Anyway, thanks and this young (47) grandma will be sharing some poems with her grandson. God bless America, Sally

thank so much for tip,s am puting it in save to keep by best friend died and so has my dad they were broth in the military as well as my father in law tip,s is so sad for me well keep this as long as i can and thank you for it MR,Norman L TROUT WAS IN ARMY and love tip,s to this day.

I've been to many sites since I got my computer but this has got to be the best I've seen. I guess it's because I always was and always will be very Patriotic. Thanks again from all us veterans for remembering all of us who fought for our country. Frank

Having served 4 1/2 years '48-'52,heard the notes many times here and abroad and since then at many funerals, but had never thought much about the origin of TAPS. I just found your site from some one who sent me "The Old Ragged Flag" ode. You are to be commended on your efforts to keep the fires burning..Semper Fi...

I'm a Vietnam Veteran also an ex-P.O.W.Your web site Is very touching and deserves a big SALUTE. Thanks !

i just wan't to say that my daughter play'ed taps for two years in a row for veteransday and memorialday.she played with all her heart and soul.when she came to me and said mom playing taps makes me wanna cry each time i play it.when i ask her why her reply was that it made her think of the men and women who died fighting for what they believed in and if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be where we are today.lts like she once said that all men and women of every color and races fought together side by side and then yet still today nothing has really changed when it comes to all races and color still can't get along.sometimes she sees it as a great lost of lives for no reason,meaning that to take a good look of what are world has become today,kids killing kids,killing they're partens blowing up and shooting people in schools.she has a good point at times.she once said that people say that the kids are the future,and she told me that some of those kids are really scarey mom.im proud of her in every way and knowing that my kids are part of what the future will bring i feel they will make a change that not only i can be proud of but the hole world can.i have six kids and i raised them the old fashion way and im proud to say they are outstanding young men and young ladys.i don't mean to bore you with this,but everyone needs to know that there is kids out there who will make a difference in are world and only for the good of all man kind. sincerly betty smith

I found your address on a bass fishing page where Memorial Day was being discussed. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your poems and tributes. Several of them brought tears to my eyes -- especially, "A Soldier Died Today." Thank you for posting these.

My husband it one of the most patriot men in the world. We got the on email tonight from a very good friend. we want to say a very specil thankyou for putting the on the computer, my husband spent 10 years in the Marine Corp, and served in Vietnam for 18 months when our children were babies. He is now 57 and marches in our little town in his new dress blues whic are bigger than the first ones. Forgive my typing I am new at this new world of computers. You brought teas to our eyes, Thankyou again for the story about TAPS.

This is an awesome poem! Thank you for passing it on. It really puts a sense of pride back in my heart, as well as everyone who has read this. Thanks Again! Joni

This was an awesome link. My son is a Marine Reserve, I have always been awestruck when hearing Taps, now I will be even more so. Thank you! Sincerely, Sue

Hello I am a daughter of a military member who has died 5 years ago and when they played that at my father funeral, the greatest pride came over me and i was so pround be part of my father and for what he believed in .
lisa lankford


A good friend sent me the link to the subject web site. I loved it! I've saved your homepage as one of my favorites, so when I get some extra time I'll browse thru and visit the rest of your site. If "That Ragged Old Flag" is any indication of all the other sites, than you've definitely done some beautiful work!

I found this to be very touching and very interesting. I felt so sorry about the father finding his son this way. I am truly proud of our country and totally proud to be a free American. God is GOOD! Thank you for the history.

I just received "That Ragged Old Flag" and what a wonderful piece it is. At 76 I have many vivid memories of those who gave the supreme sacrifice and those who worked long and hard on the home front. thanks for a very moving experience.Thanks for taking the trouble to share it with relatives in Maine who sent it on it's way to us. I too will share it with others.

Your site is terrific. I am a little confused about the "Ragged Old Flag" site (one of my all time favorite Johnny Cash songs). I am not that familiar with how these Web sites work so I am sending a e-mail to you and to Al Brashear (as noted at the top of the e-mail "Ragged Old Flag" I received) regarding the site. I am a Maine-born patriot and I love this country - I really appreciate your efforts in upholding our foundation of beliefs. I am sure I will return to your site many times.Could I ask you how you set up the music portion of your Website. I have a large genealogy site and I am very interested in having a particular song about the coast of Maine to enhance the site. I have not done any research into Website music but your set-up seems to be excellent.

thank you thank you thank you, my husband served in the air force (and marines) for 30 years. he has served this country with every thing a man (or mother) can give - the heart. bill served in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, even serving during the China Uprising. This is the first site I have seen that gives the thanks our soliders have rightly earned. as i showed him this site his eyes became misty and his voice husky as he said "yes if people only knew what she (flag) stands for". again thank you.

Thank you for the story and the words to Taps. Wish my mother was around to know just what it means. Thanks again.

Why is it when a person hears "Taps" your eyes fill with tears, why is it when the rifles are raised and the rounds are shot, the tears fall? What is it in these notes that so provokes this heart renching emotion.

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. A friend forwarded "That ragged old Flag" to me. I cried. And then I found "Taps." Many years ago, I was a Girl Guide in England, ("Scout" in the US) and we sang the same words to the same tune around the campfire before we said Goodnight. I have often wondered why this is.
My tears are for this great and wonderful country.(The US) Thank you. Dottie

. I want to thank you for your pages. My "little" sister is in the army. I have dedicated a page to her and any other member of the military. That is where I put the links. If you want me to remove them I will, but I want to thank you for making those pages. It reminds us of the feelings of patriotism we all have, but get lost in all the things we have to do in our day to day lives.

. I want to thank you for your pages. My "little" sister is in the army. I have dedicated a page to her and any other member of the military. That is where I put the links. If you want me to remove them I will, but I want to thank you for making those pages. It reminds us of the feelings of patriotism we all have, but get lost in all the things we have to do in our day to day lives.

This is a wonderful website. I am so touched. I respect our heritage and all the men who have fought for our country. I wrote a song that tells them that we still love them and believe in them.. It is called "I Still Believe In You" and would happily share it with you. I want every Soldier still alive (and the ones who will fight in the future) to hear it and I pray it blesses them and lets them know they did not do a forgotten service. Jerry Wallace at J.L.Wallace Enterprises, Alabama contributed the music. I would be honored have you hear it, and hopefully be proud of what it says to our men. It will be sang for the U.S.O. in Colorado Springs, Co. by a friend of mine.

The meaning behind Taps goes back beyond the Civil War...the word derives from Taptoo (Dutch). In the 17th & 18th centuries, Scottish mercenary companies would play the tune at the end of the day when the barracks flag was lowered and was played, originally, on the bagpipes. From Taptoo we get the word Tattoo and Taps. In Scotland, the Edinburgh Tattoo is probably the most famous of all Tattoos, and the Stone Mtn (GA) Highland Games has one on Thursday evenings before their games. I appreciate the story, but I'm willing to bet that if you check out the surname of the father and son, you would find that they were of either Scots or Scots-Irish descent.

I am proud to be an American. I am ever prouder that others are willing to express their thoughts to. I sent out "that ragged old flag" on memorial day to everyone I knew (something I rarely ever do, to much garbage being passed around usually) - I got incredible responses from more people than ever - everyone loved it.

A close friend of mine forwarded, " That Ragged Old Flag," to me in honor of Memorial Day. My husband served in Vietnam. I just wanted to say Thank you for reminding The American Public how lucky we all are to have the Glorious Red, White and Blue still flying proudly!

As an active duty Navy CPO, I was moved to emotions I had not felt in years. All America should read these words and remember how we arrived here, and what it takes to stay here. There have been many things to be embarassed about in our country lately, but it is still the best country on earth. I will do my job with a new awareness now. I pray my shipmates are as moved as I.

As a military member for a little over 25 years and having spent that time in the chaplaincy I have heard this tune far too many times. To find out the history behind it was abit tearful as is this small tune every time I hear it. I will put this in my favorite places to hear many more times. Thank you very much.

God bless this wonderful site. Brings a tear to the Eye of a 69yr. oldKorean vet. Thanks a million.Carl

Thank you for the web sight. It is long past due. I wish more Americans thought as much of our country. I am a veteran of the Korean Conflict , and can stand a lot taller and prouder after a visit to this web page.Semper Fi

My hat is off to the men and woman who died 'were wounded' and who presently serve in our armed forces for preserving my freedom to say I'M AN AMERICAN.

A huge thanks for the stirring poem. I love Her as you apparently do.

What an awesome history on the flag...I will spread the word. Hope our young people will hear about our flag. I don't think it has been taught enough in the school's. Thanks!

From an old retired AF Sgt. A TEAR said it all and thank to all who had this done and may God Bless them ALL.

I want to thank you for a wornder ful web page. I makes you proud to be an American. I was in Vietnam and you are absolutely right. I hope America returns to the real meaning of the Red, White & Blue. God Bless. Dan

Thankyou for sending this to me. Yes the flag and all it stands for has gone though allot, But more important are all the people that risked and gave their lives for our country. God bless them all.

Thank you It is hard to write this through the tears. Beautiful sit. I help retire old Flags W/our Boy Scout Troop usually at the July 4th celebration. However, this sounds like a flag - if it were real - that should be placed for viewing. Thank you Richard

Thanks for the research regarding the origination of Taps. I had forgotten the words. We had to learn them in Boy Scouts (many many many moons ago) in fact that was more than two score ago. I heard the bugle many a night aboard ship in the pre-vietnam days.   Again, thank you. Jack

I think the others have said it all, but it's well worth noting again...What a beautiful web page! I admire all the hard work put into this. I hope this gets out to everyone so their hearts can swell with love, pride and honor just as mine is now.

A most Excelent Site for the "Ragged Old Flag". Great Job! You make us proud to have served our country. Rick

A friend sent this to me and I immediately sent it to many friends. It gave me chills when I first got it. I listen to it
and all the others as often as I can. I wish more Americans would realize what a wonderful COUNTRY and the freedoms we have. I LOVE MY COUNTRY, WARTS AND ALL! I also try to pass this message to everyone I can. THANKS FOR A BEAUTIFUL WEB.

I just received this today on Flag Day. This is Beautiful... I wish I had known about this long ago. This means alot to me. I had a brother who just recently passed away. He was in the Vietnam War.. He would have been so proud to see this. Thank You for remembering these men and women that serve OUR Country back then and now. I pray for more people to bring back the belief of the flag and stand proud when when you see that flag. The respect for the country and the people are gone today. Again THANK YOU for this beautiful site From Florida Girl

This is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever viewed on the net!!! I've sent this link to everyone I know & they say the same thing. The background music with the flags waving really stirs the emotions! (choke, choke, sniff, sniff)

Never thought about the flag in that way before, thanks for puting it out in the world for people like me that has never really given it much thought. I will always look at the USA Flag in a new light. Thanks, Janice

I'm Cmdr. of a VFW post in Trotwood, OH. 4270. I have never heard souch beautifull music or solem words in my whole life. I cried like a baby. Thank you I needed that.

Being a military veteran, I've heard taps played many times, both when the Flag is lowered sunset and to pay tribute to fallen comrades. I've heard and known the words to taps for ages, I don't even remember where first Iearned them. Taps has always had a special meaning for me, from the time I played trumpet in a high school band and performed it on Memorial Day in our little hometown. This however, is the first time I've ever been privileged enough to learn how Taps came to be. It seems that the my concept of the meaning of Taps was evident in it's creation and continues today. Thank you for the enlightenment.

I found the story behind Taps to be very interesting, thought provoking, and sad. Taps was played at my grandfather's funeral and it was one of the most emotional moments I have ever experienced.

A friend sent me your flag web site. What a wonderful site. I can not go through the day without thinking what kind of trouble our country is in now and pray to God our flag and love of this country holds us together when the going gets tough. My father a vet of WWll, 2 brothers vets of Viet Nam. Lost a cousin and friends there. Once again Thank you. Stella

I have visited your sites numerous times, but have always failed to write to you. I had to take the opportunity today. There is such feeling and emotion in all of your pages. It always makes me feel so good to be immersed in the content. I salute you for sharing these very powerful moments with us. Thank you for giving and God Bless.
Take Care, Judy


Thank you for the web pages. I guess there web pages.You have done a wonderful job. I am really learning a lot from them. I have picked up this saying a long time ago. " If it's not broken don't fix it." Thanks for letting me enjoy all of this.

The best and most spiritual page on the Web.... The tears make it hard to type..... It reminds me proud to remember that I am an "American". But it also reminds me of the saying....I don't know the author...Perhaps Kipling..."Looking at a begger boy in the street.....'There but by the Grace of God, there go I." Perhaps with the aid of the American way of Life...and Democracy...Some day all will have the same advantages I have...
Thanks again!

Love your page--Of course my eyes are full of tears and I can't talk. This is the feeling our young need to experience! Alot of this and our world would be a better place. Keep up the good work!! Gerry

This is truly a great story, I have served my Country in WW II in the U.S. Navy and this is a great tribute to those who did not return, may got rest their souls. You have done a great thing by putting this in writing where everyone can read it and shed a tear or two like I have.Thank you, Best regards, Harry,  Bye for now, See you-all later.

This was most moving and haunting. I vividly recall the music at the funeral of my brother, a former NY Policeman. It brought back so many memories. Thanks. Liz

This story is a true exsample of a father's love. The courage it took to cross the river to help a wounded man not caring if he was Confederate or Union soldier show great compassion. Then realizing it was his son must have broke his heart. The song is a tribute to his son and all military soldiers who have lost their lives for their beliefs.

Hi I took your suggestion and went to your home page and book marked it. Nice to see that there are Americans out there that are Americans. Reading the work a soldier died today brought to mind an old friend of mine, a soldier who died at the age of 102. Hamilton Fish Sr. He was a remarkable man. He led the 309 out of Harlem.
Thanks again. Liz

Thank you! I was in Vietnam and heard Taps played all-to-often. The sound of echoing bugles playing Taps always brings tears to my eyes. I retired from the Navy after 20+ years in 1977. One day my wife will have the echoing bugles playing for me. I never knew the story behind Taps until I read your web page. Thank you and God Bless you.

Thanks for such a wonderful site... Stirs the heart. It's a pleasure to know that someone cares enough to share these wonderful, inspirational thoughts and truisms.

I enjoyed this site. Thanks for providing it for us. I entend to have it played at my funeral.

What a good story, I appreciate this information. Good lesson to teach our children, Thank you

I am 17 years old & my mother sent me this web site. I read every part on it. I loved it. Keep up the good work.


Nice website! I wish ALL Americans had respect for our FLAG!

We are all guilty of neglect of our flag at some time or other. Iam proud to be an american and this 4th of July I will be prroud to display the flag' happt 4th to you all .

A friend sent this to me this morning. I was very touched by what you've done. In this day when it seems to be a very "not cool" thing to be patriotic, your site is refreshing and inspiring. I come from the age of the 60's. I have to say that I didn't support the war in Viet Nam, but I never did not support those Americans who fought so bravely and sacrificed to help preserve America and our way of life as have so many in the great history of this nation. I've spent time in foreign countries and there is no place like America. I love this country and pray to God every day that he will continue to bless her and keep her great and strong. Thank You and God Bless America!!

This is a very moving story and I am sure there are more that we as Americans are unaware of. I am glad I was given the opportunity to read it.

I think that it is a great thing to do to show your honor and the pride of our county. I know that it probably doesn't mean much to you that I am writing to you, but you made the day of a 20 old year girl and I just wanted to thank you for that. Alisha ~ Buffalo NY.. USA

Thank You so very much for sharing this web site with me. I have always been taught to love My Country and Our Flag. But I have never had anything move me emotionally as reading your web site. Thank You, Your messages should be shouted and broadcast through out this wonderful country that we Americans live in.

Very chilling! I had goose bumps while I read the words to "Taps". I never knew there were words. Sad story.

This is one of most inspirational things I have ever read, but also enjoyed tremendously, See Old Glory Wave and Hello-Remember Me? This will be sent on to every e-mail address I have. What a fine collection!

Thanks for sharing Johnny Cash's poem at this time of year. It taught my children, and myself, exactly what they should be thinking of this weekend. Happy 4th of July to you. Mary

I very honestly believe this is the very best website I have ever visited! I had seven brothers and two brothers-in-law in the service during ww2. No one stands up faster, with hand on heart and tear in eye than I do. Thank you so very much for putting all this together so others can be reminded!!!

Absolutely love the page of the Ragged Old Flag and music... Very stirring. Shirley

Thanks for these beautiful sites! How do I send them for email reasons? Again thanks..... We need these very much!


I really like your website! "That Ragged Old Flag" was sent to me by my mom (who, by the way, lost her brother in the Viet Nam war) and I went to your website from there. I was rather moved by a few things I read and listened to.Keep up the great work! I've passed this website on. Barbara from Ohio


Thank you for your website. It's reassuring and uplifting to find such a blatant patriotic message in the midst of so much apathy and cynicism in the world. I thank God that many of us in the United State and others of all nationalities love and respect what old glory represents and are not afraid to stand up and say so. So in spite of the all the cynics and critics out there - long may old glory wave.

What a beautiful and emotional web site. I'm not ashamed to say the poems and stories brought tears to my eyes. I have always been moved to see our flag waving in a blue sky and know what it stands for. Have had the privilege of visiting Arlington and seeing it there. I can only say thak you again!

Thank you so much for this information. I never knew the history of the Taps but even since I was a little girl it has always brought tears to my eyes. In fact, as I write this I am crying. I haven't had anyone in my family die in the Armed Forces but I still feel deeply for those who have served and especially lost their lives for our country. Because of these people, I am FREE. I believe this is a concept lost to many, many Americans. We take so very much for granted. Anyway, again may I say Thank You.

hi My name is Edmund 2982, an I am a disabled veteran. I got goose bumps all over my body,and tears in my eyes when i hear taps.Now I know why Iwas in the military, it was for the Confederate Soldier that died that night.It was also for his father ,who was given by God to see his son, one mre time.Thank you for this warm memory, of my military time. It was well spent [protecting the rights of "ALL HUMAN BEINGS".Thanks My Friend(((((GEORGE)))))))))God Loves You & So Do I.

I would like you to know that this particular page is GREAT! I hope you took the pride and joy in creating it as I did in reading it. I am going to say that the reason this page is so neat is because I learned and read about all the battles and so forth in my Junior ROTC program. I was apart of a 610 person Battalion at my high schoolin which I was the Battalion Commander of. It was a great experience and this page made me really appreciate what has happened in the past. Thanks for building an awesome page as That Ragged Old Flag. I would also like to request one thing from you. I would a copy of the music selection you have onthat page. That was a great selection, and I would like to have a copy of it. Thanks alot for reading this Email, and thanks in advanced for sending me the music.

I wanted to let you know that I really really enjoyed that email about the ragged old flag. Made me feel very good to read it. It is very sad indeed to think that people like us who fight for our flag are protecting the people back home who abuse it, burn it and deny it. It is a shame to think our government is scandalist. But that flag is much stronger. I am in the United States Navy and I am also a 26 mile marathon runner. In my past three marathons I have started a tradition. It started last year in March of 1998 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was my tenth marathon and I wanted to do something special for my anniversary marathon. So it was then I decided I was going to carry an American flag the full 26 miles from start to finish. It was such a rush. The amount of support I got was tremendous. I have decided now that every marathon in which I run shall be with my American flag. Not only does it give me the support and help I need to finish, but it makes me feel damn proud to be an American carrying it, hearing the claps and cheers. Every American should have this feeling. Thank you for your email. I transfer to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in a month. I will be thinking about this poem while I am over there (I will be there for a year). Take care and God bless. - DAVE

I am reading this on the 4th of July. What a haunting story. The music added to the chills I felt. Thank you for sharing this part of American history.

Thank you for the absolutely beautiful web page. I am very touched by the collection of poems and articles on Old Glory.

I just must tell you this. I think the way you have done this page is just wonderful. I love the meledy that plays in the background. I sure hope you keep this particular page up for more than just this holiday. It has so much more meaning than just the fourth of july or any other patriotic holiday. This should be an everyday thing.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your patriotic web site. I am a 100% disabled veteran from the vietnam war who comes here every day to visit for a minute and remember. Thank you so much for allowing me to visit. I wish for you and yours a happy and safe Independence Day this 4th of July.

A very touching page that gives one pause to think about just how lucky we are as Americans. Thank you for my father who fought in North Africa and Italy in WW II and was lucky enough to survive; for my husband who fought in Vietnam; for Jackie Hudson who fought and died in Vietnam, and for all American servicemen and women who have fought so hard to keep the flag the ultimate symbol of our liberty!

Thank you for reminding me of the words to Taps. I've heard it played over three brothers funerals. And each evening, for the three years I was in the Army. To this day, It brings tears to my eyes, everytime I hear it!!
Seven of us served in the armed forces, one lost his right arm in Korea, and one lost his life in Korea.Again, Thank You and May God Bless You and Yours.

This is a beautiful story and a joy to read on the 4th of July. I am an Australian and have lived in the USA for 13 years and I am constantly amazed at how patriotic Americans are. This is a wonderful story and one that I will share with everyone. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us all.

that this is the most wonderful piece I have ever gotten and for my son in the Marine Corps and all the other sons around the world serving our country in this very scarey time, this piece should be sent out to boost moral....I'm doing my part....thanks for doing yours....the healing of our country is my total priority....Happy July 4th...debbie

While reading this, I have to admit, it brought tears to my eyes. You see, I have a 19 year old son who has been in the navy for the past year. He just completed NAVY BOAT SEAL training. As I read this, I thought of the fater finding out it was his son, and I thought of my son in the navy. While reading the words to "TAP", which I knew, I cried. Very touching story. Thank you for sending it to members on-line.   Frank/Tucson Az.

The only comments I have is that this is the best pages of email I have received in a very long time. Thank you to the ones who have taken the time to put great piece of work together for the people who know the history and just forgot it for a split second..      THANK YOU AGAIN Konnee R.


Thank you for preserving some of our history. God bless you for a splendid job.You have built a monument on the web in tribute to our country. This is wonderful.

Thank you so much for creating this! This message is worth a thousand sermons on how fortunate it is to be an American Citizen.

I just wanted to thank you for one of the nicest web pages that I have come across in a very long time. I am a Navy brat and an ex Air Force wife, so I have spent many years with the military way of life and I found this page to be very moving. Again, thank you for your efforts and "welcome to my world"!! Love the music also. Happy Thoughts, Skipper

How touching and so very interesting. Thaqnk you so very much for making this available to those of us whom otherwise would never have known. It means extea to me as I am a Disable American Vet with thirty years active duty. SMsgt James Tilghman, USAF, (Ret)

I just wanted to let you know how this has touched my heart. I think we are all gulity of not paying enought att------ to what our fathers of this country have done for us. I can't thank you enough for printing this touching story. please keep the story's comming I'll be sure to keep passing them on to everyone I know . thanks again for the reminder. My GOD BLESS YOU .

this is the most inspiring site i have seen. Thank you for putting this all together. I love America, and am very proud to be an American

I want to add my thanks to all of those I have just read. This is a superb website and a very touching one! I have appreciated every bit of it and have shared it with many others and will continue to do so. What are your stipulations for adding your link to a website. We hope to have ours ready soon and would be honored to be able to refer our visitors to your site ( for those who haven't seen it and again for those who have!) I love music, I love poetry, and I love America and the Grand Old Flag. And to put them all together as you have done is most inspiring. Thank you again and God bless You!! ( From The Falls Family, Cora & Bill ( and in advance) for our six sons and nine grandchildren whom I have and will be sharing all of your material with. )

That ragged Old Flag has been flying proud and long.  And no matter what gets thrown at her she'll always be strong. I happen to be a Marine Corps Viet Nam Vet. And with my fellow Americans by my side you can surely bet
No matter if the rest of the world thinks we're wrong or right. Together we'll stand no matter how big the fight!!!!!!
I'm Proud to be an American. From TTu

What a beautiful patrioutic site.I'm almost lost for words. And that never happens unless i'm espenially touched. I am very touched. I even found tears coming down my face when I was reminded how people treat my flag.I'm very senci tive over my flag,she represents so much and it just tears me appart to see people treat her like they do anymore and probably since the late 60s. It's getting worse tho. nobody respects my friends and relatives who gave their lives for her.and all who were permantly maimed physically and mentally.

That's saying something. I've always got something to say. This is magnificently beautiful. No words can express acurately how this site as a whole has affected me. I believe I'll always keep it close to my heart. Thank You Very Very Much,

You know a person like you is what's makes America Great. I have seen lots of changes in my life time. I live in Georgia born and raised here. Be 61 next thursday. Oh me geting old lol. Some time I just click that old ragged flag on and listen to the music. Does some thing to me. You know when they have a sporting event and the four Jets fly over. Man that is great. Don't know who you are but know that you are a good person. May God always Bless you and your family and have a Happy life.

I found this site through someone who sent me the poem, That Ragged Old Flag. Thank you for this site. I am a patriot, and have been even through the 60's and 70's when it was not fashionable. I wish I had known this poem then. There were times when I would have used it, during Vietnam Conflict, while living in Europe (Berlin) during the height of the cold war years, returning to the USA just before President Nixon resigned, (in my mind and heart certain that he could not have been the person the press made him out to be), and as recently as this past Memorial Day when I watched the flag in a parade just as described, and admonished children in front of me to salute when the flag and the "riderless horse" passed by. This is a powerful message. Thank you again for providing a place for this to be accessed on the internet.

I have never listened to that type of poetry, the music to go with it, but I assure you that I sat here and cried like a baby. I served during the Vietnam War, heard TAPS played every week, saw the Flag folded and handed to the parents and wept each time. The Flag of our Nation is a very important part of my life, I fly it everyday, this has been a very stimulating experience and somewhere in there it gave me once again the true meaning of our Flag. Hoping that for years to come even after the turmoil this great nation has been through, that she will wave above all, and keep this nation in it's almighty glory now and forever. I will end with a Thank You, and will keep you as a part of my library.

Thanks, to you for all the time and work put in your patriotic pages. I truly enjoyed them and as a veteran and a strong advocate for the "Flag Protection Amendment", I am glad that I came across your site. I happened to be doing some research on the flag for a project I have offered the 5th grade students in my community. I have ask them to write an essay about the Flag of the United Sates. We will be judging them at a veteran day ceremony November 11, 1999.I am from North Carolina and you might know that Senator John Edwards is one of the holdouts in passing the amendment. As the commander of a legion post I have corresponded with Senator Jones on many occasions and to no avail.I hope you don't mind that I copied your urls and sent them to Senator Jones, in hopes he will review them, for whatever good it will do.Again I salute you for a job well done. If you are surfing and would like to check out our web site, I invite you to visit. http://www.freeyellow.com/members6/165
in comradeship, Ellis Wheeler, Post Commander, Pender Post 165

I have enjoyed your page so so much. I have it benchmarked and visit it often. As a Vietnam vet it reassures me that someone does care and you have taken the time to put it into words and music. Both that stirs the soul. I read the poems and words out loud and cry with joy that we helped provide the freedom that allows us to do the things we do. Thanks for all your patriotism and for putting it on the net for all too enjoy......

Whenever I am referred to a great page like your, Words hardly express the true " Thanks" . I really enjoyed browsing your page and to know that someone is still promoting patriotism in America. Thanks

    My name is Mark Smith, and I serve as editor of Jerry Falwell's "National Liberty Journal" newspaper. I am writing to request reprint permission of the Leo K. Thorsness speech on your website regarding his POW friend who was beaten for making the flag. It's a great story and would certainly be inspiring to our audience of over 300,000 people nationwide. Thanks for considering this request.

It is with pure joy that I have been sent this Email- to reasure me that "AMERICA IS ALIVE & WELL!" Yes we have hurtles to over come so that our grandchildren and theirs have away of feeling the "Pride in Our Country" that those who shared their deep faith. In our loved ones who died so that we could be free. I truly beleive "WE THE PEOPLE" must never give up or abandon our beleifs. It is up to each of us to help educate and instill loyalty as a way of life to keep our families and this great country "UNITED!" Thank you for a light at the end of a tunnel and breath of fresh air. We need to send this along to as many as we can. Another day that is often over looked is in November--"VETERANS DAY" and to say our thanks to those still here that need a word of praise and show them Love on a day that all to often is passed by. So many not even aware of it's meaning to those who made great sacrifices. Thanks is hardly enough to express the emotions gone thru or the tears shed!

Thank you for your care and concern for our military personnel and those that gave their life so the Ragged Old Flag could fly in a country where Freedom is our most important asset and OUR Veterans that still live or
have given their lives for that freedom. Thank you again. from a Wife and daughter of two very important vets.

As as youngster, we sang the words to taps with our hands crossed, and entwined with the hands of fellow campers on either side, after a camp get-together evening program. I always felt this to be a real and binding experience. But then the camp director, who was a bit of a pompous -ss, had to say the following: "May the great camper of all
campers be with you until we meet again." This totally diminished the experience of singing taps. At very special occasions, when some one had a trumpet or coronet and could play it well [nothing sounds sounds so bad as "taps" not being played well,] we would sing the words to taps, then the bugler would play. Imagine this on a clear summer night, with millions upon millions of stars in the sky, and the echo of the taps coming back at you from across the lake. It was awesome, until the camp director had to again destroy that absolute wonderful moment. It spite of that, it really made camp well, camp.

I just have to tell you my son sent me the story about the tattered flag and it has moved me so.I plan on checking out the rest of your pages.I wish people could understand what soldiers did for us,how brave some men and women were.The kids are spoiled and selfish and you say it well.

Hello, I have just finished reading your web page and have to say I can hardly type this message through my tears. My heart is touched. I feel such a pride in our flag, plus praise and honor for all who have defended it through the years. Our nation is perfect, but it's still the best in this world...at least for now. Thank you so very much
for this outstanding and touching web sight.

I've seen may web sites and have barely skimmed the surface, yours is the best I've seen. This is not my first visit, I see you've added more things. It's mighty hard not to browse the pages and be moved to tears. I am sure for everyone you visits the site, there's not one but many things that touch the heart. God bless you for the insight, creativity and talent you've shown in every aspect of the pages.

Thanks for some very meaningful sites. Patriotism means so much to me and these sites only reinforce my attitude. We are so fortunate to be in a country such as the United States and sometimes we take it for granted...God forbid that we should ever let it weaken and be lost.

As a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam War, I just want you to know you really cleaned out this old soldier's sinuses with your pages on the flag and patriotism. THANK YOU for a wonderful attempt to help people in this country see where this country may be headed if it doesn't try to gain back the belief in God and the " moral fiber " that each child in this great nation is fully entitled to and should certainly be taught. After all those are the premises this country was built on!  GOD BLESS THE USA!

Hi, I am 38 years old with 19 years in the military. My sister sent your site to me. After reviewing your site, I wrote her a letter thanking her for one of the best gifts I have ever received. I consider myself very patriodic. I often wonder, what has happend to our younger generation, where has the patrotism gone. I can understand some lost faith in the government, but I don't see many patriodic influences these days.
Today, I was asked to be a guess speaker at our local high school on Veteran's Day. The request took me by suprise. I sat and wondered, "What can I convey to a high school student audience"?. Then I remembered you. Your site conveys "EVERYTHING" that I feel should be conveyed to high school aged kids. I plan to "Verbally" reference your site and some of it's material in my address particularely "Old Glory". Do I need any special permission. I should point out that I do not plan to hand out or display any re-printed materials.


I just want to say thank you. Thank you for touching my heart in a place that has been alone in this messed up world. I served in the AF, and am a proud mother of a little boy that I hope learns to love that ragged old flag and everything it stands for as much as I do. Your web page is my way of showing the kids I work with what honor and pride means.

As I set here wiping the tears from my eye's feeling so touched by your page knowing that our world will be as great as it was, With people like you out there. God Bless

I recently read your letter/poem and was overcome by gratefulness. I know there isn't much I can say to compare with what so many men and women have done for this country, but I had to try. Veteran's day is coming up and
there is one other thing I am more grateful for than what ya'll have done(not a day off!!!), my wife was born on that day. I am constantly reminded about the contribution ya'll have made to the country. When I realize all the opportunities I've been given just because of your sacrifices it's overwhelming. I don't have to fear being punished for my views, I can worship any God I choose, I can bear arms, I can make my voice heard and be counted, along with all the other aspects of my daily life I sometime take for granted. But most of all I can look at our flag and proudly say I am a part of the greatest nation on the earth, The United States of America. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to say that. And to all veteran's and their families please believe that your contribution was not in vain.


This is the most heart warming page I have ever come across. My husband spent over twenty years in the US Army. He servedin Nam. I recently lost him to Lou Gehrigs disease. He served his country with pride and honor. Thank you so very much for continuing to honor him and all the other soilders by doing such a wonderful page. My God bless you and yours.

I am a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I was on my second Med float from Apr 99 - Oct 99. A Marine sent me your website for "Old Glory", just a couple days before I was part of the "Initial Entry Force" into Kosovo. I recently read your new page called "A Canadian", and that reminded me of the Humanitarian Assistance Operation we did in Turkey after the terrible earthquake they had. We only had five days of Liberty during that 6 month deployment and that was cut short in order to go to Turkey. Let me tell you that you have an Incredible Website and I have been sending your website to everyone I know. As I was saying, I was on the USS Kearsarge when I first saw your website and I couldn't seem to turn it up load enough or stand up proud enough. If reading that page and listening to our countries National Anthem doesn't send chiles down your spine, then there is something wrong. THANK YOU AND SEMPER FIDELIS!! Just in case, "Semper Fidelis" is Latin for "Always Faithful". 

As I read through the different subjects, it brings tears to my eyes. Each one brings back painful memories of a loved one lost in April of 1968. I have an uncle who is still listed as a POW/MIA. He left behind 2 baby boys who are now grown and have families of their own.
My Father served in Vietnam, as did his 3 other brothers. My husband graduated from the Naval Academy to serve in the Air Marines and his Father before him was an officer/pilot in the Air Force. So you can see, I bleed Red, White and Blue.
The web sites represent "HOPE" in that in today's world we rekindle the love for our flag, our country and for the many men and women who fought so bravely so the we could live in this land as free americans. Kids today do not respect or consider that they could do as their Fathers and
GrandFathers did and feel PROUD to stand behind our Flag.

Marquita J. Orr

A poem that came out of a POW bracelet packet:


In memory of me wear this crimson band, and hold my world close to thee.
Remember the dreams I dreamed, remember my laughter, school days & church bells.
Remember the good old days and pray that more will come for me.
For I am a prisoner of war, In an unknown world to me.
Where no dream can be made, and for me all I have lies in the band of red
you wear.....
In Memory of Me.
Written by Judy Crowder, 1/22/1985


When i came home from viet nam people turned their heads and pretended that i was'nt there, only my mother came to greet me. A ladd that had seen his 21 st birthday in combat. Years later on a job site a young man ask me if i had fought in viet nam, i replied yes. He said thank you and walked away. I had to leave, for this was first time in 15 years that i had ever heard that. I was a baby killer, a destroyer, a murderer, at least this is what is i perceived, by public opinion and the press. In my heart, i knew it was not true, but i hid my involvement for a long time. I am not ashamed now, for i followed orders along with thousands of others. To sir i owe my gratitude for someone that understands and believes in his fellow man. The flag is mine, it's yours' it's ours and may no man ever put it down, that has enjoyed the freedom that it has brought our people. Thanks so much, from and old soldier.

Through bleary eyes I am writing this. You see, every I hear "Taps" played tears come to my eyes. I have been hearing it for quite a few years now. I am 73 and my father was in WWI and a member of the American Legion and I was a member of the Auxiliary since I was a young girl of 12. My husband was a navy guy in WWII. He was a very patriotic man and he became very somber when "Taps" were played. 

I live in this small central Texas town of Groesbeck and the American Legion has ceremonies at our courthouse on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. "Taps" is always played and my eyes are always teary as are many others. As president of the American Legion Auxiliary here in this small town, I feel it is my duty to be by the Legionnaires side for their functions. I probably would attend anyway just as an "American thing to do!". This is AMERICA and I believe the history of our land should be taught in every schoolhouse. I do no know what is taught today but it seems to me it is NOT patriotism that we need so much for the young to learn.

Thanks for the words to "Taps" . I never knew them. As a matter of fact I did not know there were words, only music.  May God keep blessing our America.

Sir, as an old soldier, I salute you. This is the finest web page I have seen yet.
I have served in two of the finest divisions of WWII, the 1st and the 3rd. I have seen action from N. Africa to Austria and all the countries in between. I am a department officer in The Military Order of the Purple Heart and the president of OP 77, Society of the Third Infantry Div. of the U.S. Army. God Bless and keep up the excellent work.

I don't need help with my genealogy, but I feel that when a compliment is due, it should be paid. Your web site is extremely awesome. The "Old Glory" page, and the words on it, are remarkable! Very commendable web site all around, but that page, the words brought me to goose bumps, chills up and down my spine, and tears. I read it out loud to my 5 year old daughter, and when I was finished, she said, "Mommy, I held my hand on my heart while you read that."

As I read the sentiments on Web Site I cried. I cried for those who have given their lives for our freedom, that we take so lightly. I cried for all those who have lost their loved ones. They, even through they may not have stepped on enemy soil, gave of their hearts, their souls and their families. I can never repay them for giving up their husbands, sons or daughters for my right to make my own decisions. I cried for myself. Although I believe that my family and I have given much to remember those who have sacrificed their own lives for my Liberties, I feel a void in my heart. My daughter will be presenting a wreath at the Memorial Day Celebration for her chapter of the Children of the American Revolution. My mother (Regent) and I (Vice Regent) are very active in our own Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, "Spirit of Liberty" (a chapter that we have just formed in our own area). I am the web mistress for the Florida State DAR web site. We have just returned from Washington DC last month where I saw the Vietnam Wall for the first time. I did not lose anyone in that war...but found myself grieving openly for those who did. My father, who is not officially a member of the Sons of the American Revolution yet, still attends their meetings. He will also be presenting a
memorial wreath for the Sons of Union Veterans at the same celebration. With all of this I still shed a tear. Am I doing enough to bring the knowledge of our Country's history, heritage and greatness to those who either do not know, or do not remember? Hence, does that not deserve a second tear that we have citizens of this country that don't know how much they have to be proud of? I cry for you and all that you served with. That I can not give you anymore than a Thank You for your Patriotism. I hope that knowing that your sacrifices are are not going unappreciated will help to ease some of your memories. The "What is Memorial Day" sentiments will be read at our next meeting of the "Spirit of Liberty Chapter" NSDAR 27 May
2000. It will also be passed on to those who attend the "Treasure Coast Regents Council" NSDAR meeting on 20 May 2000 so that they may also share it with their chapters.
With both pain and pleasure,
 I Thank You, Laural S. Legan

I send to you this version of our Pledge of allegiance as I view it in my own eyes. Maybe I am wrong for feeling this way but then again just maybe not. I retired from the Army 3 years ago. When asked if I would do it again if I could. Well where do I sign.
'I pledge allegiance to the Flag
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

'I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
(Our flag is not just the flag of the United States of America, it is the flag and symbol of hope and freedom for everyone in the world no matter what country you live in. no matter what your situation is at the time. You can always look at her and know that there is still a place in the world where you can choose to be what and who you want to be regardless of who you are.)

and to the Republic for which it stands,
(Not just the republic in which it stands but in every place on earth where a person shed their blood for freedom.)

one nation under God, 
(We are not one nation under god, we are a world under god. Though he takes on many different forms and many different faces. He is still god.)

(As long as we all look to the flag for our inspiration, hopes and dreams we will be united as one.) 

with liberty and justice for all.

I am an naturalized citizen of USA come from Crimea Russia, where 80% (250,00) of my relatives have been massacred by Josef Stalin in the 1946. Your love and support of our FLAG brought tears to my eyes, this is the only Flag I know and cherish. Thank you.

It is 6:47 am - and i am setting here in tears crying like a baby so forgive me if my typing isn't the greatsest. I never new the legand of The Taps. Didn't even know it had words. I served in the army for 3 years and everytime I heard the Taps I had to swallow hard to keep from crying -- still do. But now it means even more! Wish more folks could love her as much as our Veterans "Warts and All - She is Beloved". Peacemaker

This little story of yours has touched my little heart although I do not act like a true american might all of the time, I still honor our ragged old flag just like this old fellow did! This is the best story I have ever been told! If you do not mind I would like to do a report on this "ragged old flag" for english & I will give true credit to the person whom wrote this story & will for ever, starting this moment always honor the ragged old flag that means so much to our poor little sinful lives! Thank you & this story has truly started to send me in the right direction & I will try to point others in that same direction! thank you, Sincerely, Carrie M. Spengler


Many years ago when I started out in the media, I picked up the identity of The Old Irishman. That I wear with pride, but not near the pride of being a red-blooded citizen of the United States of America. My best ever buddy sent me your link for which I will forever be greatful. Although a busted knee kept me from serving my country in the military, I have been and will continue to always be a patriot of patriots'. Thank you for your link. Please continue to update it. As one of maybe your more liberal-minded readers, it means more to me since, without what it depicts me and those who align themselves as I would not ever have a chance to be heard. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God always watch over you and yours. 

I first must say that this is the VERY BEST web page I have ever seen.
(As if you don't hear that every single day.) I too am a very patriotic person and love going to your site every now and then. I have been going to it for the last year plus. My father, who passed away on June 29, 2000, was also one of the most patriotic persons I knew. He recently learned how to visit web sites and this is the first site I had him go to. He loved your site also and sent it to several other people
we know.  
I just had  a little spare time to write you a little note to tell you thank you for your time that it took to put the pages together. I know that not everyone who visits your pages will write you, as I did not until now. But I hope this little note will in some small way let you know how much I appreciate what you have done.
Respectfully, Scott

The only word that I can use to describe this site is: AWESOME!! 

This is the BEST website I have ever seen. I am very proud to be an
American. This page is wonderful. I am very thankful and feel blessed
that I can have the right to display my flag.

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